10 Signs you are a braveheart!

Bravery is not just saving lives of someone drowning in a river or trying to commit suicide. It takes bravery to combat everyday issues of life too. We never stop to applaud the brave side of us while we are busy filling our minds with stress and tensions. In this day and age, where chances of falling into depression and anxiety is very easy, I believe you should pause and take a moment to appreciate yourself and be proud of who you are.  You must see how beautifully you are fighting your everyday battles and conquering  your fears like a boss!

10 Signs you are a braveheart!

Down below is what a braveheart appears like.

  1. You take criticism with dignity

Your ego is not king sized, in fact it is very tiny. So tiny that you manage to handle criticism and do not get offended at the drop of a hat. You know how to maintain your peace of mind even when people are trying to pin point your shortcomings. You believe in actions and you like proving your critics down with your successes. Critics don’t bother you. You neither let appreciation get to your head nor the disapprovals.

  1. You do not hide your opinions

Your opinions are not formed out of mere observations. Your opinions are well-read and emerge from your experiential reality. You never impose your views on anyone but at the same time you never shy away from them. You like speaking your mind and you are not afraid of it.  Even if your view is solitary in a room full of people, you stand by it and aren’t scared of those who contradict you. [Read: Want to make your opinions heard? Read this!]

  1. You ask for help

 When you need help, you ask for it. You do not have a fear of judgments and you  accept your weak state of mind. When you feel low and think that a friend’s company would help you heal, you pick your phone and dial, instead of holding your emotions inside and acting brave. Bravery is not in faking emotions and pretending to be strong, it is in accepting that you feel weak at the moment and seeking for help.

  1. You love with all your heart

Your heart has been broken multiple times and your scars have not yet been healed, but you choose to love everyone with the same magnitude. You are always willing to burn heaps for the people you love and no matter what you have been through, you love people whole heartedly. You value the importance of time, emotions and relationships and your love is never toxic for anyone.

  1. You are not afraid to let go

10 Signs you are a braveheart!

When you know it’s time, when you know it’s the curtain call to let someone go, you let it.  You are not afraid of the trials and tribulations that will follow once that person leaves, but you identify the reality of having that person and investing in a futile relationship, hence you let go.

  1. You have the courage to say ‘No’

Like many others who worry about pleasing everyone, you know why prioritizing oneself is of utmost importance. You show the guts to say ‘No’ and you also understand why that is so important. Nodding a yes to everything that is expected out of you is the most self-depreciating act of a person and you are aware of that! [Read: What makes each Zodiac ignore you all of a sudden?]

  1. You face the day with a smile

10 Signs you are a braveheart!

No matter how bad is the start to your day, you put on a smile and do not lose hope for the rest of the day. You know that tables turn, time changes and things shall get better with time. Hence, you do not invest your time in cribbing and complaining and work through your day with a smile on your face. [Read: Want to keep that beautiful smile of yours forever?]

  1. You respect your enemies

You keep your actions dignified and do not try to target your enemies with degrading comments and gestures. You respect the reality of someone having conflicting thoughts about you and you like to keep them at distance. So, that they can pursue the day with their list of things and you can be busy in your own work.

  1. You do things for others without expectations

You do not gift someone with a hope of getting return gifts. You genuinely do things to bring a smile on others face. You do not expect the same kind of gestures in return and you are very well self-equipped with happiness. You like doing things for others as it brings you a sense of joy. [Read: What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!]


  1. You say ‘Sorry’

You fully know that committing mistakes is as humane as breathing. You are not someone who thinks that saying sorry will make you a lesser human being. In fact, you know that it takes courage and empathy to say sorry.


Kudos to the brave heart in you! You have been keeping your game strong every day. You are a person with splendid and poise and hence, you head is held high always.

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