10 Signs you are emotionally attached to him!

Getting attracted to someone isn’t an uphill task but truly being emotionally attached to a relationship is a risky affair. As the relationship with someone gets more serious, you want to be absolutely sure if it’s just infatuation or you are genuinely invested in the person. Emotional attachment doesn’t happen overnight and you need to look for the signs to be absolutely sure about your feelings towards him.

Here are some signs you are emotionally attached to someone:




1. Seeing them smile is the best feeling in the world


Whenever he feels good you feel great. It makes you extra happy to have him flash a smile at you.  To you, their smile is the best curve in the world. He looks the best when he is happy. When you consciously do something to make them feel better or you do everything possible to just add reasons for their happiness, it shows how clearly you are attached and have fallen for this person.


2. When he is sad, you are sad too.


You just can’t tolerate seeing him unhappy. You will do anything in the world to lift up his mood. His mood has a direct relation to yours. If he is sad, you are sad as well. You always want to make sure that none of your actions become the reason for his sadness. In case it does, it makes you feel very guilty.


3. You get jealous:


You might have known this person before and back then him going out with someone else didn’t really bother you. But now, when he slightly flirts or appreciates someone you get a little jealous because all you wish is to be the center of his world.


4. You get cranky when he is not around:


You just love being with him. Everything seems better when he is around. You can’t bear the thought of staying away from him. Your conversations, long walk, drives and dine outs make you forget what life without him was like. He seems to hover in your thoughts constantly at given time of the day.


5. He rules your thoughts:

He is so much a part of all your conversations that people around you are tired of the way you brag about him. You constantly talk about his awesomeness and when there is nothing more you can talk about, you seem to wonder what he is doing or where he is. You wake up to his thoughts and even end your day with him as the last thing on your mind.


6. You can ditch all your plans for him:


You are so attached to him that you can’t see yourself spending your time with anyone but him. You constantly change plans with other people in order to be around him. If at all he calls you up for some kind of help, you’ll do anything to cater to them instead of others who may have had plans made long back.


7. You feel at home with him:


You feel so comfortable when he is around that that you are at ease and can be exactly the way you are without having to make any changes just so that you fit in. You needn’t go to a fancy place all the time, even when you don’t do something or go anywhere but stay back home, his presence is all that matters. Any place is a good place for him. Any distance feels short with him.


8. You want people close to you to know him:


He means so much to you and you take so much pride in him that you wish to introduce him to your friends and family. You are sure that they will like him too and he can easily gel with them. You always want to know what your near and dear ones think of him. Even before they tell you, you are convinced that he will be liked by all.


9. You take an interest in his likes/ dislikes:


Even if you don’t like football, for example, you will make an effort to understand the sport just because he is invested in it. You will try to win over him and consciously work on developing an interest in things that he is passionate about. You will dress up the way he likes, eat out at places which are his favorites and even quit habits that he isn’t supportive of. You will never hesitate to do something that will make him happy.


10. You can share everything with him:


You don’t need to calculate before speaking to him about anything. He is always open to discussing things with you and you are not scared of being judged. You have the liberty to speak to him about yourself and your past and opening up to him never feels like a conscious effort.