10 Signs that you have found true love!

Too many people believe in love at first sight. I clearly don’t! In fact it is nothing but simple, infatuation. True love is rare. True love doesn’t happen in a minutes notice. True takes a long time to build. True love has its own set of challenges. Infatuation is different from true love. While the former is more of a physical attraction towards someone, the latter is more of an emotional connection. Emotional connection needs time and maturity. This is why you need to give it enough space to flourish. Here are a few signs you have actually found true love:


You do not expect anything in return:


True lovers do not expect anything in return. When you are truly in love, you love the person without judgements or calculations about what the person can do for you. If you desire benefits out of a relationship, it is not true love.


You look for happiness in their happiness:


When you truly in love, you try to see happiness in everything. You don’t like to see the other person unhappy for whatever reason that is. It kills you if you become the reason of their misery. No matter what situation you are in, when you have found your true love, you will do everything possible in your capacity to see the person happy.


You are ready to sacrifice:


There is no love without sacrifice. Only when you can sacrifice selflessly, you are in true love. If you want to hold on to your ego and things, you are more attached to yourself. If you harbour such kind of self- importance, you cannot claim to be in love. True love demands that you put the other person before yourself.


You take the initiative:

10 Signs that you have found true love!

You make sincere efforts to do things to improve your relationship. You just cannot afford to let your destiny decide things for your relationship. In fact, you feel like you would do whatever you could to make necessary changes and make your relationship better each day. You are ever ready to work on the imperfections just so that you have a blissful relationship.


You stand by what you say


You always try your best to live up to the promises that you have made. When you are in true love, you will never deceive your partner. Whether they ever know what you did or not, you always try and stand by your promises. You become even more morally correct for you gain an extra sense of responsibility towards the person you are with.


You don’t crave for your space


When you are in love, you aren’t self- centric. In fact, you see your partner as part of everything that you do. You won’t really be interested in keeping him out of your life even if that means spending time with yourself was a priority before you got into the relationship. Whatever you do, you will want him to be by your side. In fact that would add strength to your relationship and solidify your bond.


His opinion would matter


No matter what you do, you will always want to ensure that his likes and dislikes are taken care of. Whenever you do something, you will have him in your mind and understand how you would react to a particular situation had you been in his place. You never want to hurt him or cause any sort of unnecessary trouble in the relationship which is why you are always careful not to offend him in any way.


You take pride in him:

10 Signs that you have found true love!

You understand that there is no perfection in relationships. You can only strive towards keeping things as normal as possible. Whatever he achieves, you consider that your achievement. When you succeeds in his office projects, you take pride in it. It feels like you won it, like you achieved it. You are always pushing him into achieving the best of what he possibly can. Even when he does better than you or earns a heftier pay check, you aren’t jealous of that which you possibly would had that been a friend.


You deal with problems together


You don’t blame each other for the problems that you encounter. In fact, you work on it together. You try and analyse the cause of the problem and take responsibility for your actions for you want the mutual trust and strength to flourish instead of blaming him for things unnecessarily. You are always there to listen to his problems and can communicate all your worries. You just know that you have his back and need not fret over what has gone wrong. This way you make an excellent team together.

Finding true love is almost miraculous these days. If you are lucky enough give it your best. Don’t let it go for it may never come back to you again.