10 Signs That Indicate He’s Intimidated By You!

We girls often think it is quite easy for guys to do it all –dating, courting, asking someone out etc. The truth is that it is all not that easy. Guys are sometimes intimidated by the women they have a crush on. You might also be aware of the fact that they like you and you might also be waiting for them to make a move, but unfortunately, they never do.

10 Signs That Indicate He’s Intimidated By You!

You have seen men giving you all the attention you want, flirt with you yet things never seem to be serious. You see guys do shy away and stammer around beautiful, strong women. It is true and happens more than you think.

Check out this signs to know whether your crush is really intimidated by you or not.

It Feels Like He Likes You But He Never Takes The Step

When a man is intimidated by you, you often feel like he is interested in you because he shows up everywhere you go. Nope, you know he is not stalking you but keeps tabs on where you might go. You see him more often and you wonder that this can’t be a mere coincidence every time. He might wave a hand or just give you a smile here or there but never approach you. Even if you take a step and talk, he seems to be in shock or shies away or this clearly shows that he is intimidated by you.


He Is Awkwardly Nervous Or Tense Around You

If you have a crush on someone then you know how you act around them. You are pretty nervous around them and hesitate to approach them. Same ways if a guy is interested in you it will definitely take some time for him to gather his nerves around you. You know he is interested in you because of the way he is always around you and the way he stares at you. He stammers around you, gets clumsy around you, sweats a lot or tenses around you then these are the classic signs that a guy is intimidated by you.


He Does Everything But Just Never Asks You Out

You have been friends with him for a quite some time. You see him making plans somehow along with your other friends in order to hang out with you. Although he never approaches you directly you can see him trying to initiate the plans discreetly. Maybe this is a hint for you, maybe he is trying to go out with you so that he can properly ask you out. If it is what this looks like then just take a step and ask him out yourself.


He Brags About Himself All The Time

10 Signs That Indicate He’s Intimidated By You!

Some guys take this route to impress girls and it does work sometimes. Maybe your crush also keeps on bragging about himself. Even you know that he might be exaggerating a bit. He might be lying or may not be. It is just his way of letting you know how cool he is. I know this might be quite exasperating at sometimes and interesting sometimes. Point is that he does this to let you know that he is equally entertaining, confident and bold just like you. He brags but never asks you out. This is an obvious sign that he is intimidated by you.


He Always Has A Friend In Tow When He Approaches You

Whenever you see him approaching you, he always has a wingman accompanying him and that makes you wonder why it is so? It is quite simple that he utilizes the company of his friends because he finds it difficult to approach you. Even though you don’t act that way, he might be intimidated by you. This is a quite old trick that all men use and sometimes it is something he decides beforehand with his friend before approaching you.


He Has Hinted His Type And That You Fit His ‘Type’

When a guy cannot openly express his feelings he might often resort to other ways of expressing them. One such way is to let you know what they like in a girl and surprisingly you find that you fit his likes. They might also outright flirt with you and indirectly let you know how much you fit into his ‘type’. This is a subtle sign that shows he feels intimidated to approach you about his feelings.


He Behaves Oddly

When you see him with others he seems to be so confident and so carefree. But when he is around you or when you are having a one on one conversation with him you can clearly see his discomfort. You’ll notice him doing some strange actions unconsciously like he keeps on fidgeting his fingers, tapping his fingers all the time, runs his hands over his hairs all the time, keeps on adjusting his clothes or position, scratching his head or talking loudly. You find that this is the case only when he talks with you. It is an obvious sign of being scared, not in a scary way but just the fear of being rejected. It may also be the fear of being laughed at.


He Rarely Makes Eye Contact With You

10 Signs That Indicate He’s Intimidated By You!

This is one classic sign that says he is a little intimidated by you. Although you do nothing to make him afraid, it is just the thought of approaching you and being rejected that scares him. It might also be that he is just shy and that’s why avoids eye contact with you and never approaches you.


You Have Caught Him Staring At You

Another classic sign that says he is interested in you, why else would you catch him staring at you from afar? And this hasn’t just happened once but multiple times. You even hear your friends pointing it out to you sometimes.


People Have Mentioned About You Being Intimidating

Apart from all these obvious signs, another sign is that people have told you how intimidating you can be. Although you might not have given it much thought and brushed it off when people mentioned this to you, maybe you need to take a note of it now. It may help you in dating your crush and not make him run away from you now on.

These are some signs a man is intimidated by you. Do you have any experiences to share? Comment below and let us know!