10 Signs your man will give you a good time in bed!

When you fall for a guy, you desire to know him more. The likeness develops into a great passion just waiting for the right time for you both to get intimate. As a girl you keep on glaring at his looks with innumerable thoughts running down your head with regard to how great a lover he is.  The pleasure of remaining into a cozy moment drives you with an excitement since you want to minimize the sexual gratification by whispering all your desires into his ears. But remember, that it’s not just about appreciating one’s manliness and physical maturity. And this is where we go wrong. Whether your man is going to curl your finger or toes depends on his personal traits for it plays an important role in exhibiting how well your guy is going to be in the bed. Not all men can be sexually appealing to warm up the bed sheets, nor are that an expertise in making love. Hence, considering this fact, certain points have been brought forth which suggests the way he is going to rock your world in bed.

10 Signs your man will give you a good time in bed!

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If you believe in the phrase” Action speaks louder than words” then mind you, out of 100% at least 95% men who sings one’s own praises with regard to sex, and also doesn’t leave a single chance to talk about his sexual partner is an out and out jerk in bed. If he constantly blabs about his easy going moves, then girls ask yourself first is there any need for such a proclamation all the time? However, on the other hand, any guy who is not just playful with words but has a real personal charm and is not scared to make a fool of himself time and again means that he is in all probability up for turning on the mood for sex in the bedroom. Post- sex is not just passionate; it is also based on hell lot of fun as well. This kind of a guy respects the intimacy because he doesn’t have a loud mouth, and also has the potential of assuring both. A guy who is trusting in his own skills will not feel the requirement to declare it by expressing the obvious over and over again to show his masculinity.





Spending a quality time with your partner enables you to recognize his traits in the best way possible. So, if your man turns out to be patient, and applies this persona instilled within him in every aspects of life he is most probably going to take his time in bed as well. This doesn’t mean that he is boring or something like that. For, when he desires to sleep with you in bed, he probably wont be in a rush to go on a hit with the activity, for he is conscious of the fact that the moment his girl will plunge onto him, you will crave for him more so that she is able to quench her sexual thirst again and again.




10 Signs your man will give you a good time in bed!

When your guy intends to remain benevolent and devoted in the bedroom it means that he is thrusting his full attention on you, so that you as a girl can derive the passionate angst from him. A man who attempts in making a pleasurable moment between him and his partner would leave no stone unturned to fulfill all of your sexual desires, because his only thought at that moment revolves just around his lady love. He ensnares time to pay attention to you. To be more clear he will attempt to realize your girl problems and try to empathize with you. This is honestly a very good indication that he indeed likes you a lot, and if he adores you, then no doubt he will try to charm and satisfy you as much as he can in the bedroom.





You know what,the way a man kisses enables you to tell so much about him, and not just simply how his lips touch yours. When you both are closer, and the kissing is intensified, sensual and rousing there is every possibility the sex will too be sensational in its own way. If his kiss melts your heart, then do not surprised for he is going to rock your world in the bedroom as well since the chemistry between you both is utterly loving to turn on the mood. Kissing one another has its own special way of imparting a certain feeling and a stroke.  So if your guy’s this particular loving touch matches in accordance to the traits described then you can close your eyes and feel relaxed for he is going to plunge upon you with the similar passion in the bedroom as well. Desirous kissers make great lovers. The most favorable couples are those who exercises a mixed-bag of touches in their kiss. If he bites, munches, tastes, licks and accurately delves intoall of your mouth, there is without any exception all the possibilities of rocking your world in the bed!





Confidence is the ultimate spirit or rather say mantra to keep your head high in almost every aspectsof life. This similar notion is applicable to a man as well for it is a sign which shows the way he is going to take care of his partner. A guy who is aware that he is wild and erotic in bed wouldn’t hesitate to show off his grandstand even when the underpants drop. He knows the exact moment when to stir the feelings of his girl and move ahead with a sensuous touch with great confidence. Thus, remaining bold and self-reliant speaks a hell lot about the way he will carry out his sexual activities in the bedchamber. Guys take a note of the fact that girlsjust love confidence!  So just get up and go, be an enthusiast full of energy remain candid and you will have her wrapped all over her finger. It is not that difficult.




10 Signs your man will give you a good time in bed!

First of all, assure yourself with the notion that you do not have to dive too deep. When you are having a sexual encounter with your guy not only are you giving out both your body and energy but also acquiring in return that is being given to you. The capacity to simultaneously get hold of and turn over control is the artistry of sex. By nature’s grace, many girls are attracted to a man who manifests a certain level of dominance, and when he brings in an ideal harmony by taking in control as well as giving out control in a sync it eventually molds into a wonderful experience.





Paying an attention towards your guy’s hands says a lot about the way he is going to be damn good in bed.  Always remember that, gestures through hands acts as the simplest way to analyze how your guy is in actuality because that’s more of an unconsciousspontaneous act from his side. To be precise, a guy who moves his hands while talking not only exemplifies his enchanting body language but also shows his poignant moves when you stare at him for it is indicative one one’s expressiveness.  So if he is making use of his hands to deliver his affection, warmness and emotions while engaged into a deep conversation with you, you can probably give a thought to all the other areas he wouldn’t mind touching if he wishes to physically express himself. Now that’s good!






If he slips into his attire in one of the best ways then its really great. However, if he dresses too well, then you might not necessarily have the time of your life in his bedroom. We all desire for a guy who looks absolutely mesmerizing isn’t? But then, if your man spends more time in decking himself up than you usually do, the sole reason behind it is that he is too much into himself. And there are maximum chances that he turns out to be selfish than you had thought of. They are more attentive with looking good and intends to rock your world, while in reality nothing amazing happens as such! He wont lose himself in the possibly exciting statethat’s for sure.





Believe it or not, butthere is in actuality a strange connection between food and sexuality. All those guys who have the tendency of appreciating beautiful tastes and also has the capability of cooking really really are undoubtedly as passionate in the kitchen room as in the bed room. Hence keep observing the way he partakes food in the restaurants or at home. If he has a good appetite, wants to try out new food stuffs, and finishes off his meal within a short time even before you take the first bite do not ignore them with a silly laughable notion. This is so because the way he rushes up while eating is interrelated with the way he engages into the sexual act, indicative of a blitz love session which is indeed very good.  When he doesn’t take much time to show his interest and excitement towards food don’t you think he will be in the similar attributewhile trying out something new with you in the bedroom? * Winks!





Men who are conscious of their health to keep themselves fit and fine actually make good lovers because not only do they manifest themselves to appear more confident in their outlook but also has the energy tokeep alive the activities with his partner during night.But then if your guy is an obsessive fitness freak, spending long time hours driving out iron at the gymnasium, its better that you stay away from them. If he is too busy building up his muscles its because it is a sign that he has minimum confidence by wrapping up his insecurities, like being utterly rubbish in bed. On the other hand,if your promising lover is a fascinating cyclist, swimmer or distant runner you are actually in an advantage.  This is so because, all these requires a fine stamina so that in goes in accordance to the sexual pace and prove himself as a champ in bed.