10 Signs You Regret Breaking Up And Should Give A Second Chance!

Breaking up in itself is a really hard thing. It hurts a lot. It is never easy and that too when you are the one who is about to do it then it is even harder. You have to deal with the pain post break up as well. The initial stages are probably the hardest. You do not know what to do without a person who has been an eminent part of your life in the past years or days. Moreover, sometimes you do not know whether the pain is because you miss the person or it is because you think you did a mistake by breaking up.

The time you decided to break up was when you felt that it is no longer working for you. But later on, it might so happen that your thoughts become a whirlwind of guilt and you regret not being patient enough.


Do You Really Regret Breaking Up?

Now the thing is you are so confused that you do not know what your feelings mean. Is it just the grief of not having an important person in your life or is it that you really do regret breaking up? If you want to know whether it is just a passing phase of break up or you have made a huge mistake in haste. These signs will help you in sorting out your feelings and answer all the above questions


You Feel Like Half A Person Without Them


Some people we come across in our life touch us more deeply than others. The bond we establish with them is something that is irreplaceable. They bring out the best in us and it’s hard to imagine life without them.

You feel like home with them. If this is anything like what you and your ex had then it is difficult to find someone who means the same to you. That is why you might be regretting it. Remember there is also this feeling where you like the easy, familiar comfort that your ex provides but that is not love. If it is just the familiarity of it that makes you want to go back then don’t. If you have the emptiness that only your ex can fill only then you can give him a second chance.

He/ She Is In Your Thoughts Constantly

10 Signs You Regret Breaking Up And Should Give A Second Chance!

This is common in the initial stages of post break up period. Your mind will constantly go through all the things you did for him, what he did that pushed you over the edge, obsessing over every detail as to what went wrong and re-enacting the breakup scene etc.

But if even after months you just can’t seem to forget them and your thoughts revolve around them then you should probably consider getting back with your ex. Assess your feeling to know whether they are positive or are negative like anger, bitterness etc. If they are positive then he is definitely worth going back to.

You Were The Happiest With Him

You know that the times you spent together were the best. You have never been happier before. Even meeting new people makes you feel like still there is something that is missing. If you are feeling the same about your ex then do go back and give it a second chance. Happiness surpasses everything. It doesn’t matter what people say so if you are happiest when you are with him then go for it because nothing else matters.

No One You Ever Met Really Compares To Them

Whenever you try to think about settling with this new person you have met, it feels like it is the second best then you need to reconsider your feelings. It is a sign that you are regretting breaking up with your ex when everything you do with your current partner is compared with your past relationship. When you idealize everything about your ex or the relationship on whole then you need to take a step back. If no one can really compare to what your ex made you feel then your ex is totally worth fighting for.

You Will Still Do Anything For One Another

10 Signs You Regret Breaking Up And Should Give A Second Chance!

Sometimes breaking up with your ex just doesn’t end the connection. You can feel it very much alive in you. It may also be the fact that you still see him every day and talk with him from time to time.

If by chance you receive a call from your ex and he asks you for a favor then would you still be up and out to do what he asked you to? Would you still run for their aid when they might have met with some accident or when they have some emergency? If the answer to all these questions is yes then it really was a bad decision to split up with your ex.

You Fear That It’s Too Late And That You’ll Never Be Able To Change The Past

Once you break up, initially you feel nothing but later on, you have that feeling of guilt that makes you think you have made a mistake, that maybe you should have tried once more to solve the issues. If it is something you are feeling then it’s your heart telling you to give your ex a second chance.

You Still Rely On Each Other

Some people have that bond which is irreplaceable. So what if you are not together anymore? You still know that if you ever ask for his /her aid he would drop everything to come for your assistance because that’s just the kind of bond you have. There’s this underwire current that still passes through you when you see him and deep inside you know you still value his/her opinion more than others.

If your ex seems to be ready to help you or be there for you anytime then you should reconsider breaking up with him/her

You Long For Another Chance

Having the thoughts were you imagine the circumstances in which you could have handled things differently and where you just can’t get the thought of your relationship out of your mind then there’s no use in wasting time by dwelling on the past. You just have to take a step and start afresh.

You Seem To Miss The Bad Times Too

It is definitely regret if you not only want to relive the good moments but also are ready to accept the bad things about your ex. It is just that you start to realize it now that he means much more to you than you thought and the reason you broke up for feels like small, petty things now.

It Is Still The Best Sex Of Your Life

There is a difference between having sex and making love. I know it might seem like there’s no difference but the fact is when you feel deeply for someone sex is not just sex, it is something intense. It goes beyond physical attraction. If you have had relationships or had sex before and still nothing ever felt like the sexual chemistry you had with your ex then this definitely was something you shouldn’t have let go of. Now that you don’t have it anymore you feel the void that can’t be fulfilled by anyone else. This is definitely a sign of regret and you should give it a second chance.

So if these signs are anything that you are feeling right now then stop brooding and get to work. Make amends, patch it up and start afresh because life is too short to waste it by regretting for not making the move.


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