10 Signs You Are Suspicious

10 signs you are suspiciousSuspicion is that deadly disease of mind that slowly ruins relationships as well as the peace of mind. It is like a slow poison which consumes you totally without you realizing it. And when you come to realize it, you are already pretty much late with that. People often confuse suspicion, jealousy, possessiveness etc as a part of being in love. So do you feel those pangs of insecurities when your boyfriend is not around? Or busy with his female colleagues? Read these 10 signs and find out whether you are way too suspicious a girlfriend or wife or not.


Space is just an astronomical jargon

You are the one who believe, when in love, there should be absolutely no space between the two of you. He is all yours and vice versa. Which means that you are supposed to know everything about him, you mean ‘everything!’ What he is doing or going to do, where he is going, whom he is meeting etc. Mostly, this no-space agenda is a one-way concept for you.

You check his phone 

Whenever he leaves it near you, you could not resist the urge to prowl on his call records, messages, voice calls, Whatsapp history or voice records, everything. And you make sure that he has no clue about it.

You try to get his passwords 

Couple of times, you tried to get his email passwords. Quite frequently, you check his browser privacy settings of ‘remember password.’ In fact, you have tried to manage it from him too, indirectly. But in vain.

You stalk him online 

Your first task after logging to Facebook is checking his updates and the comment threads, his recent activities (whatever is visible to you), visiting profile of those girls who have commented on his updates. If he is in Twitter then you have now the Tweets and Replies, and Favorites tabs too.

Eavesdropping is not a sin for you 

After all, you are his girlfriend or better half and you have every right to know what he is doing behind your back.

You scrutinize his clothes 

After he returns from a party or a meeting, you never fail to check his shirts closely. Is not there a faint smell of a ladies perfume? What’s that pink spot on the shirt? Can it be of a lipstick’s?

You search his belongings 

Is he hiding a photo in his wallet? What’s in his wardrobe? Why does he always carry that briefcase/laptop bag with him everywhere?

Wish you could read his diary 

And you totally distaste it when you realize that it’s too personal to him and he will never let anyone see what’s inside.

You crosscheck him

All the time! In every possible way! After all, men will be men and women will be fool to trust them blindly.


You have his friends’ and colleagues’ contacts, and you call them often

Just to know his detailed whereabouts. If he is not taking up your calls, you waste no time in calling his associates.


If you are doing these things then you need to think it a thought. Remember, trust is one of the main pillars of love. Where there is no trust, there is no love.

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