10 Signs you have a bad boyfriend!

 So you feel in love with this guy and everything seemed fairy tale like until now. Things have changed drastically every since you first met him. Men take longer than women to fall in love. If the initial phase of infatuation isn’t held with communication, trust and care; all the interest wanes. If you have reached this stage in the relationship, then the following signs will be very obvious and easy to identify in your man:

10 Signs you have a bad boyfriend!

He is always late


He isn’t very punctual when it comes to you. Even when he is at work, he doesn’t answer your calls back. He always has his excuses ready. He is always busy with his own life. If he misses your calls, he doesn’t care to call you back or send you a message. Even when he isn’t too busy, he pretends to be so.


You are not a part of his priority list


No matter what you do, it is never enough. You might make the sweetest of gestures to make him feel good but he won’t reciprocate or express his gratitude for anything that you do for him. You are just a sidekick and can never please him.


He is always busy


He has enough time to go out with his friends and family. He has time to play games and chill out with his co-workers, but never enough time for you. He is always cancelling plans on you. You find him active on social media but he doesn’t respond to you. No matter what  complaints you put before him, he will always have his set of excuses ready. So much so, that you will end up feeling like the wrong doer.


You are his booty call

 10 Signs you have a bad boyfriend!

The only time he makes an effort to see you is when he plans on having sex with you. He is always enthusiastic about sex but never about anything beyond that. He wants to meet you in a closed space all the time where all he can do is have sex. As soon as that is done, you are no good than a stranger. Speak about sex and you have all his attention. Once that is over, you are a waste of time for him.


He doesn’t open up emotionally


It is very difficult to make him open up about the emotional side of his personality. He never discusses anything with you. He doesn’t want to share his concerns with you. Future talks don’t really excite him and even when you bring them up he seems to be the least interested. He is all planned about everything else but you.


He is very secretive


Even after spending a considerable time with him, you feel quite left out about things. It is still difficult for you to figure out if you know everything about him. It is very evident that he hides things from you. This is especially true about his female friends. They seem to have secret conversations which you have no clue about. When you want to know who these women are, he will just shun those topics like you shouldn’t be bothered about his personal life.


His ex still calls frequently


Initially he gave you a completely different picture of his ex. But now, you seem to realise that they still share a great bond and constantly stay in touch with each other. They still meet each other and you feel that he still gives her those rights over him which should be exclusive to you. Moreover, you are always kept away from their meet ups. Is he truly over her?


He needs attention all the time


He wants to be the centre of attention wherever he goes. He doesn’t wish to know how your day was or anything about your feelings or experiences. All he talks about is his work and his concerns. Whenever you wish to initiate a conversation about himself, he will just brush you off.


He doesn’t respect you

 10 Signs you have a bad boyfriend!

He doesn’t pay any respect to you. Your opinions don’t matter to him at all. When in the middle of a heated conversation where you don’t agree with him, he will not take a second to abuse you either verbally or physically. You have been humiliated publicly and he shuns your opinions in front of all his friends.


He doesn’t trust you


He doesn’t trust you enough to leave you with a group of friends. He is constantly keeping a eye on you wherever you go. You are supposed to give him a history of all you movements in the day just so that he is assured of your whereabouts. This is not because he loves you, but only he keep his doubts clear. He doesn’t want you to even look at any other man let alone talk about them.




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