10 Skin care resolutions every girl should make in 2018!

New Year for everyone means New Year Resolutions!!! When we are thinking about resolutions why not go for skincare resolutions this time. Let’s make a few promises to our skin and stick to them!


Some of the skincare resolutions for glowing skin are:

Wash your face off before sleeping

Oh yes, everyone does this even if they know it’s not good for the skin. Make a resolution this time that no matter how tired you are you will remove the makeup before sleep. It is okay if you do not want to do the whole ordeals at least cleanse your face before sleeping.


Maintaining hygiene

Hygiene is very important when it comes to skincare. It is really necessary to wash our hands before we wash our face. This is the mistake which goes unnoticed by many girls. We forget the fact that our hands are much dirtier than our face. So wash your hands frequently and carry a hand sanitizer along with you wherever you go.

Get your beauty sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. If you give yourself seven hours of sleep you’ll know how glowing your skin is when compared to sleepless one. Until and unless you give yourself at least seven hours of sleep at night no clean diet can help you get a radiant face.

Stop picking at your face

Are your fingers always itching to touch a pimple? I know the temptation. But don’t! Stop picking at the zits on your face. You’ll end up having scars or spread the infection even more. Resolve to get an anti-acne cream and to stop touching your face.


Embrace a healthy lifestyle

As you already know, your skin won’t have the glow unless it’s healthy from within. So skip that delicious cup of hot coffee for once in a while! Start eating skin friendly foods like walnut, berries, broccoli etc., stay hydrated, apply SPF before going out, joining a gym or yoga classes and so on.

Stop impulsive buying

I know how difficult it is to resist the temptation when you have so many beautiful products in front of you. Oh and let’s not forget that New Year sale of 50%. Don’t give in. Splurging on cosmetics just because they look so colorful is not worth it. Instead, plan, do research on its suitability for your skin type, read user reviews and then buy it.

Clean your makeup brushes

The makeup residue on the brushes is often the cause for unnecessary breakouts on our skin. Most of us ignore this and never tend to set up a routine of cleaning the brushes. Let’s change it now and take up this as a resolution to clean the makeup brushes including the beauty blender at least two to three times a month.

Say no to over-exfoliation

All of us know exfoliation is a must to include in our skincare routine. It definitely helps in removing excess of oils. But many times we get carried away and over – exfoliate our skin. Over exfoliation can take away the natural glow from our skin and leads to irritation and not to mention breakouts too. Remember it’s not good to strip the skin off of necessary natural oils.

Using sunscreen

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You should make a habit of using sunscreen even when you are stepping out just for few minutes or an hour. Also, apply it in winters as well. I know what you might be thinking, why in winters? You are going to tan when you are exposed to the sun whether it is winter or summer. So make this a habit of applying sunscreen whenever you step out on your face, neck and hands.

A small tip: Don’t forget to carry a scarf when you are going out in the sun. You are going to carry a sling anyway. Store a scarf in all your bags; they come handy in many situations.


Throw away the expired products

This is the most needed resolution for all the makeup junkies out there. I know how tough it is to dump our favorite products even if there is some portion left in it. But it is not good for our skin. That’s why you need to chuck those old lip liners, lipsticks and other products that you have stacked in your drawers. It’s New Year and you need to buy new ones and let go of old ones.

Girls, it’s about time you finally complete the promises you have been making to yourselves. No matter how hard it seems to be once you start doing it, it eventually becomes a habit. So let’s stick to our resolutions this year.

If you have any new skincare resolutions then do mention them in the comment section below. Happy New Year!!!