10 Stupid Things Indian Telesoaps Teach Us

Indian television industry, believe it or not, has given the Disney a good run for their money in creating larger than life fantasy world. More than the Disney princess or Genie and company, our TV serials and the actors and actresses can take you to a land of Utopia like nobody else. The TV soaps just come with a hidden statutory warning: Leave your brain behind before you start watching these serials if you do not want to lose your thinking ability forever.


Nonetheless, Indian telesoaps teach us a lot of things. Uncountable, you can say. So here we picked up the 10 most stupid things that we eventually learn from those serials.


  • Prim and proper:

10 Stupid Things Indian Telesoaps Teach Us

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Yes, this industry takes this idiom too seriously. So the lead characters, whether they are millionaire or poor, whether sleeping or attending a high-profile party, cannot afford to look anything but perfectly dressed with the right amount of makeup. And the womenfolk of the families? God helps them! They cannot even sleep without those heavy jewelleries and designer clothes. Poor they!


  • Living for wedding:

What’s in a leading character if he/she has not married, divorced, then again remarried, then again divorced and then again remarried his/her ex?


  • Polygamy is oh-so-normal:

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    The guy in lead has to have at least 2-3 wives and all the wives, whether share good bonding with each other or not, prefer to stay together. They may curse each other, but, from the bottom of their hearts they belief the husband is just as innocent as a newborn. Indian Penal Code? Who cares?


  • Being overtly tolerant is the sign of being a good wife


Regardless of how rude, how harsh, how torturous the in-laws and the husband are, the wife has to stand with head down swallowing each word of humiliation and insult. A good wife shall never protests. As this ‘suffering in peace’ will one day fix her tormenting husband and in-laws. Gandhism at its best!


  • Dress defines the character:

    via GIPHYA good wife/mother/aunt/sister will always wear traditional clothes. The vamps only wear trendy clothes, funky hairstyles or off-shoulder blouses.


  • Coma is cool:

At least, once, the hero or heroine will go to coma state. That will bring love and harmony in the otherwise mismatched union.


  • Timely falling:

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    The heroines have serious balance issues. So they will fall from chair/staircase/ladder. But don’t worry. The heroes will be right there suddenly to catch them in their safe arms. How romantic!


  • Poor timing for conspiring:

The time god, unfortunately, is not much in favour of the characters while they conspire something big. Eventually, the time god will bring that one person for eavesdropping who should be the least to know about the secret plan.


  • Poor girls and super-rich spoiled brats:

That’s why elders say, “Have faith on your luck.” Otherwise, how could the snob superstars/super rich spoiled scions eventually get married to extremely poor yet heavenly beautiful girls with the heart of a Mother Teresa?


  • Hero/heroines are born with the rarest bad lucks:

Troubles never leave them. But they do come in perfect order. Right from their birth to as long as they live (often immortality is bestowed on them), they are destined to be unhappy.



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