10 things about men women cannot tolerate

10 things about men women cannot tolerate

The two of you just met. He’s handsome. Funny. Smart. He’s got a good job, many friends and looks like he knows where he’s going in life. On the paper he’s perfect. You’re about to go on a date with him. Before letting him in, and starting a relationship with him, here are 10 things you need to check he’s not. Your happiness is at stake.


  • He’s not obsessed with being a man.

Being the tallest, the smartest and making the most money are no issues for him. He’s self-confident, and doesn’t need to prove his masculinity to the rest of the world.


  • He doesn’t think he needs a reward for being kind to you.

You deserve to be treated like a princess all the time. It’s just how it is.


  • He won’t criticize you for being a woman.

10 things about men women cannot tolerate

And being dramatic or over-emotional sometimes. Or make fun of you because you spend more time than him to get ready for his friend’s party.


  • He doesn’t lurk at the other women.

Yes, there is beauty in each and every woman; this is what makes us so powerful. But somehow, you’re the only one that matters to him. He’s only got eyes for you.


  • He won’t tell you what’s wrong

You know that something’s bothering him but he won’t open up to you because boys aren’t supposed to cry. Breaking news, they do.


  • He’s always busy

Ok, he works a lot, has a lot of friends and needs to have lunch with his mum at least once in a week. Guess what? So do you. Going on a date with you shouldn’t be a favor he’s doing to you when he has no other plan.


  • He’ll be gone once you’ve opened up to him

10 things about men women cannot tolerate

He has to be ok falling for you without playing endless games, trying to see who has the power. Building a healthy relationship that will last should be easy, and you have to be able to trust him when he says that he’ll be there for you.


  • He’s still a kid

He’s addicted to video games, drinking beer with his friends and showing up drunk at 5am after a long night out. Grow up, you’re not 15 anymore.


  • He thinks being hot is an excuse to everything

Sure, he is as sexy and attractive as Ranveer Singh his is no excuse for treating you bad and being an asshole. People often take you for Aishwarya Rai and you don’t make a fuss out of it.


  • Making you feel comfortable isn’t his priority

It doesn’t matter to him if he makes you feel bad, as long as he can laugh about it.



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