10 Things to avoid while kissing

10 things to avoid while kissing

Locking lips with your partner is a thrilling thing to do but there is a limit to everything. When it goes off hand, it becomes disgusting and you try to figure out ways to pull your lips away from his or hers.

If you want to have the hottest kissing sessions in your kissing history, avoid these things.


  • Don’t clink your teeth

Whether you are going for a French kiss or any other, don’t become over passionate and too hard. Apart from the sound it creates, it is painful. Try to slow down your smooch and enjoy the experience. Don’t hurt yourself or your partner in this delicate affair of lips.


  • Keep your bucket full of saliva at home

It gets pretty queasy and annoying when you go with a bucket full of saliva to kiss him or her. It’s disgusting! Calling it a wet kiss makes it sound offensive. Wet lips are fine and some saliva is satisfactory but if there’s nothing in your kiss except saliva dropping from your mouth when you first touch her lips – Eww!


  • What’s up with that tongue?

The French have made a mistake by introducing tongue into the art of kissing. Most people have taken it wrongly. They send their tongue on a God-knows-which mission where they try to do every possible thing with their tongue.


  • Lip – o – Suction

10 things to avoid while kissing

What are you? A vacuum cleaner or a suction cup? A genteel nibble on the lips does enough to turn one on. It is tantalizing and makes your sessions memorable. It’s romantic. But breaking blood vessels and sucking lips like you’re a vacuum cleaner is greatly unwelcome.

  • Going mad

Banging her face with yours with all the pressure you’ve got is not knowing at all how to kiss. Even though she is trying to get away from you if you lean into her, I can bet she will never kiss you again. Get the signal dude! Take it easy. You’re not an animal so act wisely.


  • Balance

Okay So it’s not about going hard on her but it’s neither that you become sloppy and make her feel like you are half asleep. There is a balance that you must achieve. Start gently and then passionately BUT if she is not into it, stay gentle.


  • Don’t be only after one thing

Kissing is an amazing experience. It refreshes you. It blows altogether a new life in you. But if it stretched for hours and hours, it becomes painful and tiring. Besides, there are other parts of the body you must explore. Neck, cheeks, ears are also kissable areas that can turn her/him on. Go for it! Don’t stick to one area for a long time.


  • Don’t imprison your partner

Squeezing your partner too tight in the name of a hug will make him or her feel claustrophobic. Hold each other but with adequate pressure. Neither of you is going to run away. Give considerable thought to this.


  • Looking away while kissing

10 things to avoid while kissing

Opening your eyes from time to time – accepted. Pulling away from time to time – accepted. Looking somewhere else throughout the experience –Highly unacceptable. It gives the impression that you are bored and want to do something else. Unless you don’t want to, don’t look away. [Read: How to judge people?]


  • Observe your partner

Most men will kiss the way they want to be kissed. So before you make your move, look how they kiss and then kiss them the way they did. That’s how it works.

Happy Kissing! Mmuaaahhh! 😘



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