10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

Wedding mishaps happen all the time. Even though you had everything planned something messes up. Well, that’s the part and parcel of a wedding. You can never be fully prepared for it. Weddings are something every girl has been dreaming and you’ve planned everything to be picture perfect, but then a small mistake on your part ruins your picture perfect wedding.

Here are a few lookouts to avoid for a bride-to-be in order to have a beautiful fretless wedding.

10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

Don’t Experiment On Your Beauty Routine on This Time of Your Life

You want to look perfect and you have bought a high-end skincare and beauty products, but trying new products when you are on the brink of the big day of your life is a big NO. Stick to your beauty routine which you’ve always been using. Because the wedding is really not the time you need to be testing products. It may cause breakouts and allergic reactions.

If you really want to get new products try them out a month or two before the wedding so that you know what suits your skin and what doesn’t.


Say ‘No’ To Booze

Saying no to alcohol when you’ve all the right reasons to celebrate is really hard, but babe alcohol comes with a price and that too in the form of puffy-hungover eyes, bloated stomach and of course bad decision (well, you never know what you end up doing like calling your ex, maybe. Uh! the horror)

If you really don’t want to look like a raccoon in your wedding pictures avoid binging on alcohol. It’s your bachelorette party and you can’t really avoid alcohol then make sure you drink up a glass of water after every drink. If possible, stick to one drink limit.

Going All Dramatic and Trying The-Never-Tried-Haircut

10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

Whenever wedding is approaching we girls make sure that we look up to all the trending fashion in the fashion magazines. Trying new look before two months of the wedding is a good thing. But trying out the Priyanka Chopra’s new haircut just when you have a week left to your wedding can turn out be a nightmare for you. Your new haircut might not even be on the show because most of the times your hair will be up in a bun. Say no to the new haircut and new hair color, you certainly don’t want the bangs that do not suit you on this day.

Do Not To Forget To Break Into Your Wedding Shoes

New shoes can be quite painful and this kind of pain is not exactly needed on your wedding day. If you really want to enjoy the wedding and dance it away then break into your shoes a week before so that they’ll loosen up and give your foot some breathing space and avoid shoe bites. So sashay in them around your house while you do some errands. You can also wear socks beneath them to loosen them up.

Don’t Go On a Trip

10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

You certainly don’t want to be sneezing and coughing on your pre-wedding rituals and the wedding of course. That’s why you need to avoid going on trips a week before the wedding. Save them for your honeymoon and dates after the wedding. Resist the urge to get away from all the wedding fuss and find solace in sleep because trips can lead to cold, flu, sore throat etc and not to forget the dust that would totally ruin effect your skin and the tanning, sunburns are not really needed right now.

Don’t Stay Up Too Late

8 hours of sleep is utmost necessary and that too when your wedding day is fast approaching you really need to rest as much as possible. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Sleeping seems to impossible with all the relatives dropping at your room step, your cousins and friends always nagging to take a chill pill and partying it out. But trust me you need to muster up all the energy you can for the wedding day and that is possible only when you give your mind, body and eyes some rest.

Going on a Drastic Workout Is Also A NO

10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

If the intense workout is your daily routine than continuing it is totally okay. But trying some new workout moves or suddenly enhancing the intensity is only going to do you more damage than any benefit. It may lead to injuries and body pain which is not in your favor. The bride and groom boot camps that claim promising results won’t work just a few days before the wedding. If you really want to try them out then you should give it a shot at least a month or two before the wedding.

Don’t Do Your Pre-Wedding Shoots

10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

Pre- wedding photo shoots are so in right now. Left the shoot to a week before the wedding? No can do missy! If you’ve planned for doing one then you should schedule it two or three weeks before the wedding and not when there’s just a week left. Photo shoots involve you being outdoors for almost 4-5 hours in the sun. The tan and sunburns are something you don’t want to deal with in your wedding when you really want to look perfect.

Avoid Ingesting Sodium Laden Food

Sodium laden food means salty food. You need to avoid consuming it a week before your wedding. I know it seems a bit impossible with the bridal shower, midnight parties, get together and others you might possibly attend. But try not to binge on alcohol and sodium laden food because alcohol leads to puffy eyes and salt leads to a bloated stomach and also creates havoc in your digestive system. Drink lots of water and fresh juices instead of alcohol and other beverages.

Don’t Skip A Meal


With all the work and stuff going on you’ll probably end up skipping your meal. But that will be the worst decision you’ll make. Do not skip meals even you have a million things to do. It’ll lead you to eat up whatever your hand reaches to and may also cause bloating. Instead, stick to a routine and consume fresh vegetables and fruits so that your skin and body gets the proper nutrients.

Don’t Get Any Deep Facial Treatments

10 Things to avoid a week before your wedding!

Are you thinking to book your facial, laser session or chemical peel within a week of your wedding? I would suggest you book all of them before two to three weeks. Facial treatments sometimes cause allergies, breakouts and redness on the face which we want to avoid at any cost. The only facial you should be doing within a week of your wedding is natural fruit facial. They add to the glow of your face.

Amongst all the drama that’s been going around due to the wedding, you need to just stay calm and not stress out. Weddings include all kind of drama -don’t let it get to you. I know it’s hard to plan everything and follow all the do’s and don’ts, but you gotta do what you gotta do babe! Follow these things so that you can have a stress-free, pain-free, healthy and fabulous wedding!

Image Courtesy: Instagram Account: indianwedding_by_katia