10 Things That Happen On The First Day After Marriage

You thought getting engaged was giving you butterflies in your tummy but getting married is like having elephants in your tummy. You didn’t realize how entirely new and different experience it is going to be. Marriage is a series of many firsts for every girl and the guy. The wedding jitters and preparations didn’t give you enough time to think about the time you are going to be stepping into a new house with new people where you are expected to stay with them from now on.

10 Things That Happen On The First Day After Marriage

You had an amazing wedding. You spent 3 to 4 days laughing, dancing and enjoying the food. You got amazing photos clicked and enjoyed dressing up. Now that you are finally married, your life as a married woman is something you still have to embrace. The first day of marriage has lot many firsts too. Your wedding night did go better than you expected. But now it is time to actually give it a thought. Never actually thought about the first day of marriage, right? Well, here are few things that actually happen on the first day after marriage.

Waking Up To A Man Next To You

10 Things That Happen On The First Day After Marriage

Nothing can prepare you for such thing ever. Yes, you spent the night with him but still, it is shocking for you to wake up next to him. It is going to feel weird when you wake up then end up being embarrassed. You are going to wonder whether he saw you snoring or the drool on your face. But it is definitely a special feeling waking up next to a wonderful man who is now your husband. Even if yours was a love marriage or even if you have known him for years waking up next to him is going to make you feel kind of weird and special.

Awkward With a Capital A

Definitely awkward, even if you don’t agree with it now, you are going to agree to it at the end of the first day. The first day after marriage is going to be strange right from the morning. Waking up to a strange room and then living with a bunch of strangers (well, not exactly strangers but you get it, right?) is not easy. So okay you have known these people for a few months or so now but that was just on phone or for few hours. They might be the sweetest people and they might be trying a lot get you comfortable but it is still awkward. Things are different in this house as people are different and they function differently.

The Guests Are Still Dropping By

10 Things That Happen On The First Day After Marriage

If you thought that reception was the end for the guests then you are wrong because guests will keep on showing. And you are expected to dress up nicely, put on makeup and plaster a smile on your face even if it is a fake one. Unlike what you thought your husband is not going to be by your side the whole day. He might be somewhere in the house but he can’t stick to you all the time and you’ll have to entertain the guests along with your in-laws.

Not To Mention The Rituals That Follow

Well, it suffices to say that your first day is going to be a busy one. The rituals won’t end with the marriage. There are so many small rituals that follow on the first day of the marriage. Every family and religion follow different traditions and rituals which you are expected to do either alone or with your husband. You are going to be surrounded by people and you are not going to feel alone because they’ll do everything they can to entertain you.

Getting To Know The In-Laws For Real

All these days you have been hearing about the small habits and things about your in-laws.  Now it is time for you to actually experience it firsthand. It is going to be hectic meeting new people and getting to know them. You are now a part of this extended family in which you are expected to blend in with. It is not at all easy to suddenly start sharing a place with people you have just started to know but you’ll ease into it. You also have your husband by your side to support you so you don’t have to worry that much.

The Constant Support And Love From Your Husband

10 Things That Happen On The First Day After Marriage

You are hardly going to get time with your husband once you step out of your room on the first day. But you will still feel his gaze on you. Both of you will share a few glances and loving smiles which will definitely make you feel the love. Even though you feel uncomfortable with the new family you’ll still like your new life. You’ll feel blessed to have met him and married him. The love is going to make you feel overwhelmed.


Whether you like it or not you’ll have to unpack the luggage and all the gifts you have brought along with you. You can’t say no to your mother-in-law when she asks you to do so. You might have outright said no to your mum but this is your mum-in-law, you can’t do that. Although you are so excited to be getting all these things you’ll realize soon that half of the gifts are pretty useless to you or in general. Packing things is always fun but unpacking and putting them into place is not so much fun and seeing the fact that you are going to be doing it in your new room alone is not that exciting actually.

You’ll Feel Super Conscious

Let’s just say you’ll feel conscious about everything you do. From the way you sit to the way you eat you’ll feel conscious about everything. You will dress up and actually care about your appearance even though you are at home. Dressing up in your pajamas just doesn’t seem right because you don’t know who’s going to pop up as a guest. You’ll also realize that some of your habits seem weird to your in-laws and you suddenly start feeling conscious which is pretty common on the first day of your marriage. Don’t worry about it because you’ll settle down and feel comfortable soon.

You’ll Miss Your Home And Parents

You’ll miss your mom and dad. You’ll miss your siblings and pet even though you swore to your siblings that you’ll be happy without them to annoy you. You’ll miss your bed, your room, heck even your bathroom. You’ll miss little things about your old home as and how the day goes by. The first day of marriage is normally too hectic for the newly-weds but even then you’ll find yourself thinking about your parents and home and about how much things have changed in a day already. A single call from your mom or your sibling will bring tears to your eyes. You’ll cry not because you feel lonely but just because you miss having them with you.

And there’s no doubt that you’ll not be left alone even for an hour because everyone knows this is your first day after marriage and they want you to be comfortable. The new cousins, aunts and especially your husband will make sure you eat, rest and be comfortable with them. On the whole, your first day as a married woman is going to be full of tasks, talks, and fun. Awkward or not, it is going to be a good and busy start to your new life.

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