10 Things that instantly turn men on sexually!

According to a report by The Journal of Sex Research, men tend to think of sex more than women in a day. The research says that men think of sex almost 17 times as compared to women who do about 10 times in a single day! Sounds interesting? I am sure it does. This is sure to make you more inquisitive to know what are those things that turn on a man sexually. A man tends to get turned on at the sight of someone they are infatuated to or may be someone who is obviously desirable by most men around. In case you are in a relationship and are constantly wondering the right steps to take to peak his passion instantly, here are a few tips you could consider:

10 Things that instantly turn men on sexually!



Men dig lingerie. If you can team up your lingerie with the lipstick that suits you, preferable red hot along with high heels, you can’t help but have him begging for you. A good lingerie makes you irresistible. So consider investing in a good brand which will help you accentuate your best assets.




Ever seen women lingering their fingers on the neck of men? Knowing the right spots that send chills down his body are a great way to entice him sexually. Touches are a great way to communicate your feelings. If you feel horny, just the way you touch him will send the right message.


One who is confident in bed


No matter what size you are, if you are confident in your own skin, you will perform better. When you have insecurities you tend to make excuses in giving him a good time. It is every man’s dream to have a woman who is dying to make love to him wherever and whenever. And if you can prove your sexual prowess with time, you will be successful in keeping him turned on sexually for a long time.


One who can let him take control


As much as a man desires a woman who can take control, he also worships the one who can make him feel manly. A man love to flaunt his manliness in bed. They take great pride if they can satisfy almost all women and take longer to cum. Nonetheless, become vulnerable and show him how bad you need him. He will want to prove himself every time he gets an opportunity in bed.


Unexpected kisses


Don’t we all like surprises? When we get kissed at the most unexpected time, it just reiterates how desirable we are for the member of the opposite sex. The same goes for men too. It send an immediate signal to their private member to grow in a jiffy.


Clothes that fit you perfectly


Men are visual creatures. They love to watch a woman whose clothes fit her very well. The visuals of your assets hugging your clothes and flattering you is something that men can’t help but notice almost instantly.


Your ass touching his crotch


Men are turned on by the idea of fucking the ass. When you brush close to him and make intentional efforts to touch him there with your ass, you will surely feel his erection no matter how hard he tries to distract himself. So the next time you wish to get naughty in public consider rubbing him there. You will drive him crazy.


Clothes that are almost transparent

 10 Things that instantly turn men on sexually!

Did you ever find a man complimenting you when you wore something sheer? Did you man like the fact that you wore a black bra on a particular day? Sheer clothes are an immediate sneak peek. If you can flaunt your skin through your clothes, it will turn him on right then.




You might just see boy shorts as something that makes you feel comfortable, for men it’s an excuse to gaze at your legs. Men tend to notice women with long shapely legs. Smooth, toned legs are every man’s dream. They love following how your butt sways in shorts. In fact they give him great visuals to fantasize about.


A woman who is turned on


Sometimes, man need to make loads of efforts to turn on the woman they desire. Women have a tendency to overlook a man’s hints to have sex. However, if you are someone who can show your interest as well regardless of the time and space, he will just want to take you to the bed.


These are the few ways in which you can instantly turn on a man you are trying to pursue. So, if you have always found yourself confused on how to attract him sexually, these tips are sure to help you. You will also find yourself enjoying him get turned on sexually as well as his embarrassment while he tries to hide that erection in public.