10 Things that are stopping you from being happy

Recently I stumbled upon a report that said ‘A child smiles 400 times a day. When a child grows up and becomes an adolescent, he smiles only 17 times a day, and when he becomes an adult, he smiles occasionally and that too when someone else smiles’. This motivated me in writing this article. Well, what if we wish we could turn the tables around and bring our smiles back? We can. We are so captivated with our busy lives that we forget the importance of happiness. The hustle-bustle has made us forget the essence of a smiling face.

10 Things that are stopping you from being happy

What if today I tell you that the reason behind your fading smiles is you, yourself? Whether you agree it or not, it is true. There are a bunch of things that you do that hinders your happiness. You fail to recognize it but here they are listed for you.


You have a low self-esteem. You do not think yourself of high value and you keep yourself limited. Half of the things that are bound to make you happy, you don’t even try them because of a low self-esteem. You lack a sense of worth and you are your biggest critic. Your mind auto-plays ‘You cannot do it’.  Hence, you never go ahead and take experience of things that will bring ecstasy.



Your whole life is a game where you are busy impressing others. All that you care about is what people think of you and that they are talking positive about you. Well, what people think or speak about you is their business. Most importantly, you cannot make everyone happy no matter what. So you should rather be busy in doing things that you want to do.




You have a habit of keeping everything in control. You are running behind perfection which my friend, is an illusion. You never have an extra scoop of ice cream even if you are dying to have it. You never binge watch movies or give up your sleep to hang out with your friends. You have this strict rules built around your life that never allows you to be a little extra. While the whole fun is in that little extra!



10 Things that are stopping you from being happy

All that your mind dreams of is to reverse your past. You are not willing to give up on your past in any manner. You hold on to your grudges and you have a king-size ego. Whatever happened in your past cannot be changed and it is okay. Learn from your experiences and move on. There is no problem in cringing about it at times, but you must forgive and forget in order to be truly happy.



You are the cribbing queen and you have a list of things that bother you. You have a habit of complaining for the smallest of things. Complaining is bad for your mood and it disturbs your friends and colleagues as well.  It keeps your mind busy thinking that everything is going wrong. You fail to see the bright side to a situation which is likely to bring you happiness.



You have got habitual to dumping things on other people. You blame others for your actions. You do not sit and deliberate before taking a decision and later when it fails, you feel unaccountable and think that others disobedience caused the failure. Whereas it may just be a callous decision you had made without giving much thought to it. Acceptance is joyous. It may pinch for some time but in the end it will bring inner peace.



10 Things that are stopping you from being happy

Your mind is eventful watching what’s happening in other people’s lives. Your focus should be on your activities but you are busy judging others. You are envious of the freedom they enjoy. You judge what people are wearing, eating, doing etc. If you are busy evaluating other’s life, how are you suppose to feel happy?



You have a tendency of making excuses for everything. You are bent to the idea of excuses, so that you do not have to be sorry. Whereas when you will be sorry, you will work towards your shortcomings and gradually improve your life. When you continue making excuses for everything, you are killing your chances of improvement.



You always wish to be right. In order to achieve that, you sacrifice the voices coming from your heart. You like to be admired by people but in the course to seek admiration, you forget to be wrong. Being wrong at times helps you develop as a person and broadens the scope of learning. Trying to be always right is simply a futile attempt to please everyone. You do not speak what your heart goes out for, you simply speak what other people want to hear.



Criticism is something that you just cannot handle and if someone points out the inadequacy in you, you burn with pessimistic emotions. The idea is to handle criticism with dignity and valor, because it is completely okay for someone to have a contradicting opinion and one must learn to respect that.


Think about these ten factors because they indeed stop you from leading a happy life. Man lets his ego govern himself and that paves way to a life that feels incomplete and discontented. So, don’t let that happen and take things in control.

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