10 Things to consider before getting inked


Getting a tattoo on a part of the body has been quite the rage since a few years. Permanent tattoos remain for life and therefore, you need to be careful in terms of taking all the necessary precautions so that you do not regret having it done later.

  • You will definitely want your tattoo to be unique. There’s no point searching through out Google. You will end up having common designs. A Tattoo artist definitely has a host of designs which he would love to ink on someone. Speak to your artist. Either create one yourself and try and convince him/ her to build on it or ask him to design one that caters to your needs. That way, your tattoo will stand out!
  • Communicate with your tattoo artist on which part of the body would you liked to get inked. Avoid writing or designing objects that you might regret later in life. Give the idea a closer thought.
  • Do not buy the idea of having tattoos done at a cheaper rate. Good things cost you. Remember this for life!
  • Be careful or aware of your allergies, especially if you have one in case of cosmetics. Lipsticks and eye shadows contain pigments similar to that found in inks. Consult a dermatologist in order to understand the kind of inks your artist would avoid.
  • Visit the Tattoo artist at his place of work. Check out the environment and safety measures. You need to be at ease with your artist in order to make the process smooth. In case you find this uncomfortable, consider consulting someone else. There is absolutely no need to force yourself in a negative environment.
  • Certain areas of your skin are more sensitive than the others. The skin around the rib cage, butts and feet will hurt the most. You should probably reconsider the idea in case you aren’t that strong willed to endure the pain.
  • Avoid drinking the night before you get the tattoo. Have a full meal and sleep well since keeping up with the whole process will demand energy. Alcohol will cause dilution of your blood and expose you to the chances of bleeding more.
  • Your tattoo will take almost two weeks to heal. Getting a tattoo will require you to abstain from exposing your bare skin to the sun. In order to prevent infections, stay away from pools, lakes or any other water body till a period of two weeks at least. Also, a coloured tattoo will require more care to prevent it from discolouration or fading away. Applying a sunscreen on the inked area would be a must as long as it stays on your skin.
  • Women, stay away from inking yourself the week before your periods starts. Pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) makes the body susceptible to pain
  • If you have skin issues like psoriasis or eczema you might just let the idea of a tattoo pass. These skin conditions can become severe when skin is irritated.


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