10 Tips for taking a break from life!

Don’t we all get exhausted of living the regular hackneyed routine? Some days we just want to give up, not knowing where we’re going and what we’re after. Everything seems like a farce and meaningless.

It is time to allow yourself a break from life when you come to question the meaning of your existence.

10 Tips for taking a break from life!


Shopping works like an anti-depressant. So don’t stop to think to buy that Red dress that wooed you online. Click the ‘buy now’ button and get done with ordering it. As soon as you get your hands on that gorgeous dress, find a reason to wear that.

When your wardrobe is happy, you shall be happy. Trust me on how shopping for what you really desire, even it is not very necessary for the moment, can do a great deal in lifting your mood up. Pamper yourself. Don’t wait on others to pamper you.



Give yourself a treat. I mean, do you even need a reason to treat yourself to something wonderful? Skip office lunch or the street foods for a day and take out time, spare some money and give yourself a proper treat to some delicacies in a good restaurant. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

We all need changes once in a while. After all change is the only constant thing in life and taking a break equates allowing changes to take place.

Be less afraid and braver. Try out new things. Take risks. Settling might sound secure but what is the point of just existing in the safety of the everyday when you aren’t experiencing the unknown and living to the fullest?



Take a day off from having to speak. Have you ever tried it? I have always thought of trying it but never have. I think I will, now that I sit to write including it among one of the many ways of taking a break from life.

It is nothing but just something different to the everyday. We are so entrapped by society and its idea of normalcy that we almost begin to function like machines, without being able to actually think or feel what comes to us genuinely. We have learnt to go with the flow of following in others’ footsteps.

It’s time to do something for you. Decide to stay quiet for one whole day. Don’t utter a word. Relax and bask in the peaceful sound of silence. It is sure to satisfy and rejuvenate you.



10 Tips for taking a break from life!

Change! Like I mentioned in one of the earlier tips, accept and adorn change in your lives. There is no better way to unwind, trust me you. Take a break from that regular schedule, to add something or subtract something. Ditch the cereal in the morning and get puri and sabzi for breakfast on your way to office.

Take a different route home than the one you usually take. Decide to take time off, alone. Go somewhere and finish that novel you have been struggling to get done with. Turn the stereo or that blue tooth speaker on and listen to rock on full blast. Go somewhere close to nature and sing on the top of your voice. Get drenched in the rain and pop a medicine when you’re home. Do what is not expected out of you. Just do it and feel the difference! I can’t emphasise enough on how important it is to just let go sometimes.



It is not always possible to be calculative and analytical all the time. Being all of that just extracts the fun out of spontaneity. We aren’t machines. But we keep forgetting that we are in fact humans with expectations and desire that need to be quenched once in a while or else existing becomes meaningless right?

Want to go on a trip? Make it happen. Don’t worry. We have the gift of one life and it is not too long, my darlings. Life is so uncertain that it is impossible to calculate our time in this world. So why calculate each and every step we take? Loosen up. Let go and live!

Be calculative enough only to allow yourself some time off and a most needed break. Set aside some money regularly for that trip and make it happen. You will never regret it, but forever be thankful to yourself!



10 Tips for taking a break from life!

Just be! Do nothing. Don’t read, don’t watch the Television, don’t eat, don’t talk over the phone, and don’t listen to music. Just sit still and relax. Let go of all kinds of tension to get things done. Take a break from life in the real sense of the term. Allow your thoughts to flow. Shut your eyes and let your mind wander. Physically just be there and concentrate on your breathing.



For once let go of the image you have of yourself to the rest of the world and be the way you want to be. For once listen to your heart. Allow yourself to feel exactly like the way you wish to. Be the person you want to be at the moment.

What does it matter how others make of you? It’s your life and you carve it the way you want to. All this time you have been putting your real self behind only in order to please the rest of them. Now it’s time to please you.



Once in a while stop whatever you are doing. Stop to think what you have, acknowledge it. Stop to think what you’re missing. Stop and ask yourself what you are doing and whether it makes you happy.

Give yourself a sudden shake and help yourself realise the life that you’re living. Take a break from the flow.



10 Tips for taking a break from life!

Appreciate the little things in life that you otherwise miss. How beautiful the stars look when you stare at them in the night sky; the gorgeous Red colour that the Rose in your vase is.

Take a break from the blinding reality.



Break your limits. You have no idea where you can be and what you can experience if for once you take the risk of letting go. Step out of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn’t see yourself doing. Take lessons in belly dancing, stand in the middle of a park and play the guitar. Go for a long trip all by yourself, meet someone on the way and spend days with them. Don’t restrain yourself. Let your mind run wild and tutor your body to keep pace with the racing mind.

Take a break from the mechanical life you’re leading. You owe yourself one!