11 Crazy places to have sex!

Tired of having the same, old boring acts of sexual intercourse in the bedroom? Need a little adventure and madness to spark up your sex-life all over again? If you are the wild and frenzied, and are looking for some insane, daring experiences to have a sex-life that is worth telling your comrades and grandchildren about – You have stumbled upon the right post! Here are a few crazy places where you could have the best sex of your life.

Join The Mile High Club!

Okay. We are not advising you to do anything that is illegal here. Just that, this is certainly there in everybody’s bucket-list!

We all want to fly high up in the clouds and enjoy the most delicious mile-high sex we can ever imagine, don’t we? Just the thrill and excitement of it makes my groin all warm!

Well, here’s a solution for those who can afford it – Love Cloud – a new company located in Las Vegas – allows couples to make love in a private jets while flying above Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. How cool is that?


Backseat of Your Car

11 Crazy places to have sex!

Get your minivan and records of Radiohead out and go for a long, long drive with bottles of beer and buckets of fries. Sing, drink, laugh, park the car and jump to the back seat when the coast is clear. I repeat: When the coast is clear!

The adrenaline rush, the hot and sweaty backseat of the car, jerking with each thrust you guys make in there, the terror of getting caught and the arousal of being watched – sounds like a good date accompanied with intense, yummy sex. Doesn’t it?


Sparkling Wine on The Rooftop

Bask under the light of the moon on your boyfriend’s or your own rooftop. Take a bedsheet, a bottle of sparkling wine, lounge and cuddle till the break of dawn. Spend a romantic night together, to the sound of clinking glasses and muffling sheets under the infinite sky.

Talk to each other, explore your bodies, feel the chill of the air around you and light candles or place fairy lights and lamps to make the perfect tumblr-environment for your man.


Rolling in the Sand

11 Crazy places to have sex!

Head to the nude beaches if you’re looking for an adventurous sexcation! There is no greater sensation of arousal than listening to the waves crash at the shores while you make love under the sunlight with the cool breeze cuddling you.

The fact that someone might be watching triggers a sense of nervous excitement and adds to the entire adventurous experience of sexual delight. The best sexcation to have is to head sultriest, loneliest island nearby and to go on making love while the Earth revolves around its axis.


Hot, Steamy Bath

Put on the geyser and prepare a hot, steamy bath for the two of you. Fill up your jacuzzi or bath-tub with warm water and add fruity, liquid-bubble soap. Light scented candles, spread rose petals here and there and in the water for decoration and fragrance. Play soft, romantic music to set the mood and give the two of you the most relaxing sensation while you make love and release all your stresses.

This will not only spice up your relationship but will also give you a good night’s sleep.


Watch Each Other’s Reflection

Have you ever tried having sex in front of the mirror? Well then, what are you waiting for? Go in front of your dressing mirror or full-length bathroom mirror and watch each other while you’re at it.

It is one of the biggest turn-ons to be able to watch one another’s naked bodies grinding against each other and taking the utmost pleasure out of it. The moves, the expressions, the body parts and the orgasms can all be vivid and live, getting the best of raw sexuality out of the both of you.


Sex on the Sofa/Stairs

11 Crazy places to have sex!

This one’s for those who crave crazy but are too shy or restricted to be able to do so. Sex on the sofa or the stairs is a good way to get your game started. Don’t you think?

If you can’t afford to join the mile high club or head to the nude beaches, or are worried you will get caught by the cops if you make love in the backseat – your sofa is a pretty good option. If sofas bore you, try the stairs and the perks of insane moves and thrusts that come along with it!


Skyscraper’s Balcony

Why not? Just don’t fall, the two of you – or I’ll be in jail for writing this article.

The rest of the world is so tiny from up there, the winds are strong and the night is resplendent with stars and city-lights! What a view.

A moment you can cherish forever because the idea is pretty much berserk, and probably even risky – but the rush that it gives you, is worth dying for.

Warning: Do not try under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. Take proper precaution.


On The Ferris Wheel!

The Ferris Wheel is another option for those who love heights, rides, amusement parks and are wild and frenzied! But be sure no child watches you – you really don’t want to be responsible for ruining someone’s childhood. Now do you?

Get on the last ride and go absolutely crazy with your man. Make him feel wanted, make him lose his mind and not his life. So be sure you don’t drop him while grinding him.

Orals for starters, give each other the feel and hurry to a quickie. Feel young, insatiable love all over again – go back to the days when enough would never be enough.


Into The Wild

11 Crazy places to have sex!

A walk in the woods and into the darkness. To have sex with the fear of all the creatures of the jungle, and to orgasm forgetting all the fright for the moment – is indeed worth trying out someday.

Stargazing under the night, afraid of the creatures of the dark, lighting a bonfire to keep warm and the wild dogs away, making love till the break of the first ray of sunlight, and sleeping muffled in each other’s’ arms – sounds like the most romantic and thrilling kind of date to once go on.



Go fifty shades deep into the blues of the oceans and the seas. If you know how to swim, have sex to the fishes swimming past you while you make love in one of the most magnificent ways possible.

Or, you can go to an underwater hotel, book a room and make love while the creatures of the sea and the glow in the dark movements surround you. The room is a spectacle to witness and having sex in such an atmosphere gives ultimate gratification.



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