11 Embarrassing moments that occur during sex!

Sex is the most pure, natural and intimate moment that you can share with the one you love and while we are busy making our SO have a night they will never forget, it always doesn’t go as planned. Between all the humping and thrusting, kissing and licking, biting and gnawing, a little bedroom mishap is bound to happen. Here are some embarrassing moments that you will or might have been through and how to look beyond them so you can give your partner an unforgettable night.

11 Embarrassing moments that occur during sex!


Just when you’re about to get hot and comfy with your partner, you’ll notice this eerie silence around you and for some reason your body will want to make weird sounds just to keep things entertaining, be it a roar of an empty stomach or a whistling sound your nose makes when you exhale too deep. It might be embarrassing for some couples but chances are you SO won’t really mind; instead it might end up being a good topic to laugh about after the job’s all done and dusted.


Intimate moments are the best source of pure and unadulterated joy but that joy soon turns to embarrassment when you have to invest all your energy on pulling out your tight clothes that are sticking like glue to your body. There are times when it becomes a two person job and you end up asking your partner to help you pull them off (which they would have done anyway). This can be a mood killer at times, but a little bit of foreplay after and your SO will be right back on track with you.



It can be inexplicably embarrassing when your man is trying to get it on, and he’s trying and trying, and then you’re trying, and now you both are trying together but his manhood decides to enact the play of sleeping beauty and just won’t wake up. This can get very uncomfortable and it might make you believe that it’s because of something that you did but it’s not. Instead of making a big deal out of it or panicking, reassure your man that it isn’t something to be embarrassed about.



We have all been there and it’s just something you cannot run away from. If it hasn’t happened to you, chances are that it will. That moment when you’re all cosy with your SO and about to make your move, your intestines would want to whistle to cheer you on and that, my friend, is how we fart. This generally happens when your mid-section is under pressure, be it from thrusting or your partner lying on top of you. If you’re on the end of a similar situation, just smile and keep doing what you were doing as there are more important things to concentrate on.



11 Embarrassing moments that occur during sex!

Getting head is probably one of the best feelings for men, and some women enjoy helping their lover get it on as well but sometimes you will get a bit too ambitious, trying to take more than you can swallow and end up gagging. It can get embarrassing really quick if your man heard it but it’s natural for that to happen considering the side of the candy that’s hitting the back of your throat. Chances are, your SO was enjoying himself too much to notice.



It can be devastatingly embarrassing when you’re in the middle of sex and you realize that your monthly flow has started. You’re without a tampon, there’s blood on the bed and on his manhood and things couldn’t be any worse. It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. Understandably, it can be mortifying but once you’re done cleaning up, he will be ready for round 2 in no time. And if they don’t, remind them of the benefits of having sex during menstruation.



It can get frustrating when you’ve enjoyed all the foreplay and trying real hard but you can’t get an orgasm. And you wouldn’t want your partner to feel that it’s their fault or have them ask you over and over again about when it’s going to rain. You have to understand that orgasms don’t always happen and it’s totally normal. There can be various reasons for why you can’t cum but none of them are big enough to stop you from what you were doing.



When you are going at it rough and you decide to switch positions trying doggy-style or tip-toeing, you’re going to feel your knees getting weak or your legs giving out because of the momentum required to keep your balance and thrusting your body on your partner at the same time. This can get embarrassing and you would end up needing to take a break to walk it off, or ending up switching positions to something more comfortable. Remember that this happens to everyone because of the sheer amount of strength and stability required to go at it, in the same position, for a considerable amount of time. Walk it off and go at it again.



It can get truly embarrassing when you are huffing and puffing your way from foreplay to sex and just when you are about to take up positions, you feel that it’s absolutely dry down there. The reason behind this can be many, but nothing a little lube couldn’t solve. You might feel embarrassed in taking aid of a little lube but it’s still better than having dry and painful sex.




This happens on pretty rare occasions but when it does, it would make you feel like you want to die of embarrassment – that moment when you pull out and the condom gets left behind in her vagina. So basically she’s pulling out the condom after, which is filled with your semen. Yes, totally embarrassing but avoidable nevertheless. If this has happened to you on more than one occasion, it’s better to hold it while pulling out which wouldn’t let the condom slide off your manhood in the first place.



11 Embarrassing moments that occur during sex!

How many times has this happened that one moment you’re having the best sex of your life, and in the next your partner is waking you up and telling you that you dozed off? It’s like humping a dead lifeless body, which can be a huge turn-off. It might be because you’ve had a long and tiring day in the office or that you’ve walked a long way back and just don’t have it in you to keep yourself awake. We have all been there and it can get a bit embarrassing but it’s nothing you can’t get over.


Even though embarrassing moments like these happen way too often, it’s how you react to it that sets the tone for the rest of the night for you two. Instead of over-thinking about it, give your partner a sexy look and carry on with what you were doing anyways because when you think back on it, you are probably going to end up laughing about it with your partner, which would only bring you two closer than you ever were.


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