11 Signs You are Out Of The Honeymoon Period Of Your Relationship

The honeymoon phase of the relationship- the blissful feeling, the overwhelming love for each other, the ever giddy smile on your face and not being able to keep the hands off of each other is something every couple goes through. As a couple, you both feel like you are just perfect for each other and everything feels so good. But just like every other thing in the world, even the honeymoon phase comes to an end. Not that you stop loving each other but you just move on from the puppy love phase.

11 Signs You are Out Of The Honeymoon Period Of Your Relationship

You know why this happens? The thing is when we are new to the relationship we show each other the best version of ourselves to each other. You shower love on each other. You are just getting to know each other so you are all generous, kind and loving. But soon you start to get comfortable with each other, you know the highs and lows of each other and just like that things start to change. These changes are not bad, in fact sometimes these make your relationship strong because it means he or she is a keeper. So how do you come to know that the honeymoon phase is about to wane in your eyes? Watch out for these signs to know

Letting Yourself Go

At the start of the relationship you try to look the best, you dress up to impress them. But when the honeymoon period starts to wane you don’t really bother to dress up. Caring less to dress up your best is totally normal. You are just so comfortable with each other you don’t feel the need to do the things to impress them but just be yourself. Though this means that honeymoon phase is about to end, it also means more closeness and comfort than before.

You Actually Give Each Other Space

11 Signs You are Out Of The Honeymoon Period Of Your Relationship

From the start, you might have been attached to the hip but now things are no longer the same. You have somehow found your way back to your friends. You don’t spend as much time together as you used to because you start to get on each other nerves when you do so. It is also good sometimes to hang out with your buddies because it will be a good break from your normal routine.

You Know What To Expect From Date Nights

You no longer have dinner reservations every weekend. You don’t expect your partner to dress up for the date. You know each other so well that these things don’t matter anymore. It is pretty common. You both just order some takeout and binge-watch movies. You don’t mind going Dutch on your outings either. You don’t mind admitting the fact that you are broke and are perfectly happy with spending the night at home on weekends before paydays. The special planned date nights are in the past now.

Sex Life Starts To Die Down

You would always be thinking about each other before. You both couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. You would want more and more of each other, pretty much insatiable. But off lately, you don’t mind getting an early night. You both are happy to chill and watch Netflix on the couch instead of getting frenzy. This is a sign that the honeymoon phase is at the end. But this is perfectly normal. It is okay to not make love every night.

You Know Where You Stand In Each Other’s Life

11 Signs You are Out Of The Honeymoon Period Of Your Relationship

The starting few months of your relationship you don’t know what he/ she feels about you. You take each step cautiously. It is nerve-wracking for you. But as the honeymoon phase of the relationship comes to an end you know where exactly you stand in each other’s life. You know that he/ she loves you and a little disagreement won’t fade away the love. Even if they cancel on a date or don’t text you back right away you still know that it might be due to some valid reason.

You Don’t Hesitate Before Telling Them Off

Before you wouldn’t tell them a single thing even if it irked you when they left their dirty clothes hanging in the bathroom or their wet towel on the bed. But now, you have reached a certain stage where you don’t mind telling them off. You tell them exactly what you feel about this habit of theirs and sometimes you even yell at them, which never used to happen before. This signifies the fact that you are now comfortable with each other and your honeymoon phase has started to wane.

Arguments Happen

11 Signs You are Out Of The Honeymoon Period Of Your Relationship

Well, arguing is bound to happen between two people no matter how compatible you are with each other. It is common. Even the perfect people sometimes cannot see eye to eye with each other. Arguments once in a while are healthy for a relationship. They will let you know how your partner reacts or deals with the things. You will learn to solve the issues together. By this, you will come to know how he/ she takes an argument. You’ll come to know that it is okay to disagree. You have nothing to panic if this is your first time arguing with your partner.

No More Cuddling Or Spooning

You don’t have to succumb to all the romantic gestures that a society forces. You can now easily tell them that you feel hot and stuffy to cuddle while sleeping. Cuddling after sex is okay but sleeping all through the night, in the same way, is not exactly comfortable. To be honest, trying to fall asleep while having someone in your arms or being in someone’s arms isn’t a comfortable position. Before you found it hard to say it to your partner but now you both know it and don’t mind it at all. This definitely signifies the end of your honeymoon phase.

You Can Be Honest About Your Dislike Towards Something They Like

When you are new to the relationship you are head over heels for the other person. You love everything they do. You like what they like and are fascinated with the things they do. You do something even if you don’t like it. Once the lovey-dovey phase passes away, you don’t mind telling them that you don’t like the show or movie they love and that you find it pretty boring. You are totally honest about your feelings and it is the same for them too.

You Fancy Them A Little Less

11 Signs You are Out Of The Honeymoon Period Of Your Relationship

When you fell in love with them you were fascinated and attracted to everything they did. They made your heart flutter with the smallest thing they did. But now when you ponder at those days you find yourself admitting that the haircut they had then made them look weird or the dress they are wearing right now doesn’t suit them. This is a sign that your honeymoon phase is on the verge of ending.

You Don’t Hold Back

To put it mildly, you don’t hold back being the weirdest self. You are so damn comfortable with them that you don’t mind peeing with the door open. You don’t mind farting, burping or doing any such normal bodily things. It is just that things are different now than before. The honeymoon phase has passed and you no longer have to maintain the perfect image but instead, you can be yourself with them and you know that their love for you will still be same.

Though the honeymoon period is about to end, your love for each other is getting stronger. The end of honeymoon phase signifies that the other person is a keeper as their love for you didn’t fade even if the honeymoon period of the relationship started to wane.