11 Things No One Tells You About Sex After Childbirth

Why is sex any different after childbirth? Some of you, more specifically men might ask this question. Some who have not had a baby might ask you that why is it such a big deal. You’ve had sex before, you created a baby together. Yeah, you pushed a baby out of your vagina and you might not be ready to get back to sex as soon as you give a birth but you’ll get there soon. For those who really question it, let us tell you that there are few things that happen when you get active again after childbirth.  It can affect a woman mentally and physically too. Not to mention the duties as a new mom to manage on the side.

11 Things No One Tells You About Sex After Childbirth

Unlike what you think, it is okay to take a gap from your sex life for few weeks. It is also okay if you want to jump back right into sex post childbirth. It totally is on you and your husband. A woman goes through many firsts after childbirth when it comes to sex. If you are those couples who have decided to have sex then ahead are few things that you might not know about sex after childbirth

You Might Lactate

If you did not understand then let me tell you in simple words- You might leak milk from your breasts. It is purely unintentional. And for some, it might get embarrassing. Depends on you and your partner, of course, he might find it sexy too. But you have to be prepared internally that you might squirt milk onto your partner. This is especially known to happen when you orgasm. Some men hate the smell and taste of the breast milk. So you’ll come to know about it when you do have sex after childbirth. It happens even when you are not breastfeeding because chances are that your milk might still be in the process of drying up.

You May Cry From Pain

11 Things No One Tells You About Sex After Childbirth

Don’t panic because it isn’t the same for everyone out there. But it is not unknown for women to feel the pain when they have sex for the first time after childbirth. It may be due to various reasons like back pain or joint pain, tender areas, residual scar tissues or any such other injuries. It might bring back memories from the first time you had sex. It gets better though. The pain might not make it such a good experience for you but it will soon be pleasurable and if it doesn’t then you need to contact your doctor for this.

Or… You May Cry From Emotion

Pregnancy had messed up your hormones. It takes time to get those hormones to normal. The feeling of being a new mom is overwhelming and it might make you emotional too. It might hit you a bit too late and you might start crying. You may cry when you are getting it on with your partner too. Well, you might just feel too tender and cry and it is completely normal so just chill out.

Sex Might Be Different Now

Your libido might change and so will the sex after childbirth. Your sexual responses will be different than before and your partner will definitely know this after sex as well as you. For the both of you, some things might feel better while some things may not work at all. You might be having sex after about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy and it might be a whole new thing emotionally and physically. It is perfectly normal to feel like this though.

Your Libido May Go MIA!

11 Things No One Tells You About Sex After Childbirth

Hormones may have that effect on you. The shift in the hormones post pregnancy is known to reduce or erase your libido. On top of that being a new mommy takes its toll on you. Even if your sex drive might have been higher before but now it seems to be gone. Don’t worry it will be back soon. This might be happening due to all the ups and downs taking place in your life.

Or… It May Go Other Way Too

Hormones can go crazy too. You may also be one of those women who bounce back and want to saddle again. Some women find their husband sexy in their new role as a dad and can’t help but crave sex more than before. You see this might go both ways.

You Might Prefer To Be Less Kinky

You and your husband might have been involved in BDSM before and enjoyed it as well. But you may be opposed to it now. You might just not like it rough the first time after childbirth. You might like it gentle. There’s no proper reason for it. You might just not like the collar or choking thing anymore. It may also be due to exhaustion, stress or in some cases postpartum depression as well. It is not like you are going to quit it altogether, no, you’ll feel like taking a break from it for a bit.

Your Mind Might Multitask During Sex

11 Things No One Tells You About Sex After Childbirth

You may be very much turned on and into the whole thing but you can’t help but wonder whether your baby will wake up or keep an ear out for any baby sounds. You might be connected to your partner but your mind will multitask even while having sex. It might be difficult for some women to get their head in the sex game, regardless of what their uterus is feeling. And it might be noticed even by your partner that you are distracted. It might not be odd for you but for your partner, it might be. It would be good to discuss it out with your partner.

There Might Not Be Actual Sex

Some women might not feel like having vaginal sex yet. It might be due to the pain you experienced in pregnancy. But there are many other fun options available as well which can satisfy both of you. If you are worrying that your partner will be unsatisfied then don’t. You can communicate it to your partner and he’ll agree to it. Trust your body to tell you when it feels comfortable with vaginal sex again.

You Might Feel Sexier

Some women feel proud of their bodies post childbirth. They have this confidence after pregnancy which shows in the sex post childbirth as well. Everyone doesn’t feel that way though. Women find themselves amazing for giving birth to a baby and this boosts their confidence even more. Some women love it how their body has turned out to be curvy and that’s why they feel sexier.

Your Orgasms Will Not Be The Same

Just like everything else, this might change too. What used to work before may no longer work for you. Your orgasms might feel different now. Quite literally everything is bound to change. Sex after baby might take a bit longer to reach orgasm or even less time. There’s no telling when it comes to this.

These are a few things that happen when you have sex first time after baby. There are few other things as well like you might feel guilty for either neglecting your baby or having fun, you might also get food craving right after you have had food or also the fact that your baby may or may not be present in the same room you are having sex in.