11 Ways to pleasantly surprise your boss as an act of gratitude

The best way to express gratitude to your boss is to induce at first a good bonding with them in order to let them know that you value them as a human being. A good relationship with your boss will in turn help you in weaving up a plan or two that should really draw your boss’s appreciation because not only will you know what would actually make them happy as a person but you would also be doing everything with genuine feelings involved.

11 Ways to pleasantly surprise your boss as an act of gratitude

The more genuine the sentiments are that go behind the planning of the surprises and the gifts, the better the whole thing will turn out to be. So here are a few ways that I’ve put down to pleasantly surprise your boss owing to a yearend annual party, their birthday or any such special occasion.

Trade the clichéd cards and cakes bought from the market for these unique ideas:


A personalised gift is always better valued than something that is paid for. You could either do this by yourself or engage the other employees and personalise a scrapbook filled with notes about how your boss may have influenced you towards the positive. Reminisce any such instances and jot them down expressing your gratitude and also applauding them for their hard work over the years.


Instead of getting gifts or tokens for your boss and the employees in office during let’s say a festive period or any special occasion which deserves to be celebrated, get your other colleagues and help a family in need with the money that you had put aside to buy gifts with. Let then the company earn a name out of the social service act that you initiated. Initiate this culture at your workplace and do your boss proud.

You might also engage your company’s name to a social welfare organisation and continue donating to it, also getting all your other colleagues to be a part of it.


Often the best form of gift is the simplest. You can gain your boss’s attention and pleasantly surprise them by showing your dedication to your work and trying to work a little bit throughout the holidays as well, instead of taking a full on break during the small holidays that keep coming now and then. This will not only be a good gift to your boss but will also allow them to value you as an employee to their company.


11 Ways to pleasantly surprise your boss as an act of gratitude

Let’s say you’ve gone for a trip somewhere, it’s going to be a nice thing to get something small for your boss from their as a show of gesture. Get something that isn’t too regular, such as something to wear or a show piece; instead get something that’ll come of use. For instance, if your boss is fond of good alcohol then get him a good bottle of alcohol rather than the clichéd show piece.


Plan something special for the end of the year holiday party. Prepare a group song, a partner dance or something by yourself that is going to induce enjoyment in the others and in your boss especially. Be bold and funny, shedding the otherwise serious stance you have while you’re at work.

Showing your other side to your boss will please him because he’ll realise that you are a genuine person who knows how to have fun when the situation demands but also knows how to contain oneself when necessary.


11 Ways to pleasantly surprise your boss as an act of gratitude

Plan with your other colleagues and friends, ways to surprise your boss by cooking for them, each of your special dishes and getting those to office to treat your boss and also get some for the whole of the team. This should prove to be a great surprise for your boss. It will show your effort in your appreciation of them and will increase the respect you hold to them.

You could bake a cake or make something especially for your boss; something that they are fond of.


Write a personalised note or two for your boss illustrating simple details about them you had picked up on or the interactions you’ve had that have impacted you in a positive manner and left you feeling better about yourself and with more respect towards your boss. This will make your boss feel valued and honoured for the personal touch that the surprise will have in it.


11 Ways to pleasantly surprise your boss as an act of gratitude

Do something exclusive for your boss. You could perhaps collect money from all the other employees and plan a holiday for your boss. A short weekend trip, all the expenses to which would be borne by all of you would make them really happy.

It would leave them really surprised and filled with gratitude because they’ll feel as though you can fathom and value the amount of hard work they in order to keep up to their position at the work front. This will be a kind of gift that they will never be able to forget about.


Offer to help in ways that they wouldn’t expect you to. For instance offer to pick their child up from school if it falls in your way. Help them with shopping, either for themselves or their family for the holidays.

Your boss will be gratified by this kind of an offer and this is also a great way to show that you care for them and share with them a bond that transcends just the mere employee and employer relationship. This way you both will also be able to develop a better connection and the comfort level between the two of you will grow.


Decorate the office colourfully during the holiday season or on your boss’s birthday and pleasantly surprise them. Your boss usually works hard throughout the day in office and doesn’t get much time off to themselves, even during the weekends. So surprising them by decorating the office during the holiday season or their birthday will make them feel special and valued for the kind of work they do.


11 Ways to pleasantly surprise your boss as an act of gratitude

Go public with your gratefulness and honour for your boss. During yearend holiday parties make speeches expressing the value your boss holds to yourself. Make toasts, put together a video or make a collage of pictures and handwritten notes to publicly post them and express your thankfulness to and appreciation of your boss in the best way possible by making them feel exclusive and special.

These are a few ways to impress your boss by pleasantly surprising them without going overboard or sticking to the conventional forms of showing gratitude. Please them with your generous show of effort and as a result solidify your position and respect in their eyes.

Let us know how your boss responded to these surprise gifts. I’m sure they’re going to be really delighted. Feel free to write to us in the comments section provided below.