11 Ways to relax and revitalize with body spa!

11 Ways to relax and revitalize with body spa!

Do we have any idea to what our motherhood is doing to our body and mind? It is messy, extremely loud and needs you to deal with your body problems and mind strains constantly. So all that we need is a one day escapism from this harsh motherhood. This is when a spa comes as a blessing in this present urban scenario.

What is a spa?

11 Ways to relax and revitalize with body spa!

Spa is a much- needed ‘only me’ time a person takes out for thyself. A good spa helps in relaxing, rejuvenating, reflecting, detoxing and beautifying your mind as well as your body. Spa was foremost derived from a wallon word ‘espa’ means fountain and it means ‘health through water’. The modern spa nowadays is certainly embracing ancient spas. Earlier the spa meant nothing but healing wounds, body aches and stress through hot water baths. Now the spa has taken a complete 360 revolution change in following the customs and the procedures, meanwhile keeping the basic meaning and concept the same that is ‘healing through hot water’.

Psychological benefits of a spa

11 Ways to relax and revitalize with body spa!

Yes, a spa affects you psychologically to a great extent.

  • Spas are generally a quiet and a calm place to visit. When people take time out from their busy schedule and completely leave themselves in such a surrounding of calmness and peace, the mind starts playing the game.
  • Our mind has the tendency to reflect what it gets from the surrounding. So when a person is surrounded by a quiet environment, the mind reflects the similar quietness and space.
  • Moreover, you are disconnected from telephones, television and other common demands of a past-based life.
  • Spa gives us a space to move into our spiritual side slowly and try to talk with yourself. This helps in getting rid of all the negativities of life and thus grasping the important and positive aspects to move ahead.

Physical benefits of spa

11 Ways to relax and revitalize with body spa!

  • Spa includes massages, skin cleansing, skin exfoliation, refined pores, skin renewal, anti-aging benefits, body muscle distress and many more.
  • It improves a blood circulation of a body and thereby resulting in glow of the skin. It stimulates the lymphatic system and thereby removing waste from the body.
  • It helps in arthritis, muscle spasms and sciatica. The body polish refines your skin and gives a healthy young look.
  • It removes the dead skin, heals the skin, refines the skin texture, improves any defects and any harmful impressions on skin and thereby gives a major head turn changes in your looks and beauty.

Types of spa

The modern spa has made life so simpler these days and the varieties have no limits.

  • The most prevailing one include Ayurvedic spa, it’s the hindu healing system. Treatments are completely based on herbal preparations, diet, purification and yoga.
  • Medical spas include medical professionals like physiotherapists, osteopaths, aestheticians and many more. Stress management spas for specifically releasing stress by dealing with new environments.
  • Anti-aging spa for a youthful body and wellbeing. Detox spa are very common in modern times, this helps in removing all the detox from the body and purifying the body completely. The list is never ending.



Spa is a sensuous treatment that you give to your body when you are undergoing slowdown tensions or even if you just need some relaxation. In India, Ayurveda is practiced in its original forms in Gods own country, Kerala. If you are planning a spa vacation, then Kerala is the place to be. You will find the most authentic backwater resorts that offer you all kinds of spa rejuvenation therapies. Kerala is famous worldwide for its fascinating hospitality and congenial settings of spa wherein they combine yoga, meditation and Ayurveda for your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. To enjoy spa in the most exotic manner, you can book a house boat in Kumarakom and revel in the spa treatments surrounded by the most spectacular landscaping.


Spa does have a strong impact on body, mind and soul. It certainly has a power to change a person’s life whether in a minute term or a big term. But spa does make a difference.



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