11 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be More Outgoing!

If you have been introvert all through your life then you know how difficult it is to go out with someone. Introverts love their comfort zone, they love to cuddle up on their couch with a book in hand or just chill out at home. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert and you are absolutely not boring. It’s just that there are times when you really want to hang out with people or just go out on a date and you are a nervous wreck and clueless as to what you should do.

Learning to be more outgoing doesn’t mean you have to change yourself, No, it is just about being more comfortable in your own skin and being more confident with yourself. Don’t doubt your socializing skills because everyone has them, no matter how shy you are you still have it in you.

11 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be More Outgoing!

Do you know sometimes we miss out on some amazing people just because we are too shy to take one step further? You have nothing to lose when it comes to taking the first leap. When you meet someone whom you really like or are having an amazing time with then don’t hesitate to say, ‘This has really been fun, we should do it again’. What’s the worst can a person say as an answer?  Remember, you lose nothing by asking it but you lose a lot by not asking.


Find Your Comfort Zone

Here we are talking about the comfort zone you have while you are out. We all have our boundaries within which we feel like we are in our element. You have to find what your comfort zone is because obviously not everyone is comfortable with taking body shots but you can be the one who beats everyone at poker. Start within your zone and then as and how time passes on maybe you can take the next step.

Birds Of A Feather

If you do not know what this means then let me explain it. It means that you have to find your kind of crowd. I know you want to be outgoing but that really won’t work if you do not know what your type of crowd is. Because there are a lot of personality types amongst which some can be those who make you feel free but there also those who can make you clam up. So be yourself and learn what will make you shine rather than being with someone who dulls your shine.

Say ‘Yes’ More Than You Say ‘No’

11 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be More Outgoing!

Home is a comfort zone for everyone but for introverts, it is much more than that and that is also a reason why you might say no to go and hang out and do something fun. But if you want to be outgoing then you really have to learn to say yes and show up to do something more spontaneous and fun, even though you do not want to. Yes, it is something out of your comfort zone but you never know that going out can also be something that you enjoy and you’ll never know this if you do not say yes and give it a try once.


Build Confidence

You have to be confident about yourself. That is one important tip if you want to be outgoing. Being confident means you believe yourself to be worthy of someone’s time and attention. If you keep on doubting about your own actions then how will you engage others in social situations?

Being outgoing means knowing what you want, being yourself and being at ease with everyone around. So try to build your confidence to be more outgoing.


Do Not Internalize And Over Think Things

11 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be More Outgoing!

A huge reason why introverts don’t be all outgoing is that they sometimes over think things, they fear being judged. To a certain extent, it is true that people judge you for the things you do but what you have to learn is the fact that people will judge you no matter what you do.

There will also be times when people will shoot you down when you plan something or hang up on you but you should learn to let it go rather than taking it personally. Realize that not everyone is going to like you and if you don’t put yourself out then you’ll never know.


If You Feel Like Staying At Home, Don’t!

After having worked for long hours at the office it is obvious that no one would want to go out. But you are going to work until you retire and that is why you should go out there and have fun. You never know when you have the best day or night when you convince yourself to go out even when you didn’t want to go. So whenever you get a chance go out with your peers and colleagues, go as someone’s plus one or enjoy last moment plans because it is all worth doing.


Try New Experiences

11 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be More Outgoing!

If you really want to be more outgoing then you have to broaden your experiences rather than staying just in the boundaries you typically confine yourselves in. You might find the comfort in your own comfort zone but you will never experience life that way. You have to step out of the box and try things you have never done. So give it a try and see how fun it is.


Avoid Negative Experiences

It is a human tendency to downplay positive things in any situation. We give more weight to negative things. There are going to be times when you’ll feel really awful when something happens but you have to look at the brighter side of things. Do not hold onto the bad that has happened to you, instead relish on the good ones.


Invite People Home

People feel more comfortable when they are in the familiar surroundings. If you want to feel more confident among people then inviting them to your home is a good thing to do. Inviting people home means opening up your own environment to outsiders. You are in your own element when you are at home and here you can handle anything.


Give People A Second Chance

11 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be More Outgoing!

It often happens that we give things a try and if they do not work well for us we give up on it. But if you want to be more outgoing you have to let go of bad experiences and give things a second try. It applies to both people and situations. You have to forgive and give things a second go. Trying things more than once brings familiarity and familiarity means confidence.


Keep In Contact With Old Friends

Making new friends and hanging out with them is a good thing. But we can’t ignore the fact that old friends are like old torn jeans which gives you super comfy feeling. That is why both old and new friends are important. While new friends bring excitement, old friends give the comfort.

Being an outgoing is not an easy thing to do. Being outgoing means you have to be confident, not caring about people and their judgments and stepping out of the comfort zone. But the feeling of being accepted everywhere and being outgoing is awesome and that’s why you need to learn it.