12 Pre-Sex rituals you should follow!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could jump into bed as soon as you hit the bedroom with our other half or a date just like they do in movies? Tough luck! Because we know it’s not as easy as they show. The feeling of passionate sex goes down if you are not prepared for it. Follow these beauty pre-sex rituals and health pre-sex rituals and be ready to rock his world whenever he wants:


Hit the bathroom before you hit the bedroom

12 Pre-Sex rituals you should follow!

Relieve your bladder before your partner jumps on you because a clean bladder is a must. Many women have stubborn bladders and it would be good if you pee before having sex because who wants to be an accidental squirter? Not you. Also, go to the bathroom after sex in order to avoid the painful urinal infections.

Groom ‘Down there’

You are just a few wax strips or bottle of veet away from the clean trim. Shaving is absolutely necessary down there because for some it might be a huge turn off, not only for the guy but for you yourself because you might feel over-conscious about being hairy down there. So whatever method you use for having that smooth skin, do it! If you opt for waxing, opt for getting it done a few days before.

Take notice of your chipped nails

Guys do not care about what shape of nails you have or what color your nail paint is or how long and sexy they look. But they do obviously care about their private parts and their body because chipped and unfiled nails can be painful when you sink them in their back. Take care of those unfiled nails and also make sure you apply some cream on your hands so that he might feel those soft hands instead of worrying about scratches.

Carry mints and mouthwash with you

12 Pre-Sex rituals you should follow!

A bad breath is a huge turn off for everyone. If you have plans of getting it on in the night then just brushing your teeth while leaving is not going to be that helpful. You are obviously going to sip on those cocktails, have some snacks or something like that which again leaves you with bad breath. Be kiss-ready by carrying a mouthwash and some mints with you in a ziplock bag in your clutch.

Remember your routine

Everyone follows a bedtime regimen so do you. Carry your medication, toothbrush, your lens solution in case if you use contact lenses etc with you. You are going to have fun but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your health. Carry other pills like Tylenol because they all come handy in case of a hangover!


Exfoliate all over-including butt!

Exfoliation is a beauty pre-sex ritual that you must follow if you want him to go crazy touching your soft skin. Let’s not forget to exfoliate the butt. Well, butt is important too! You are going to take a shower anyhow just use sponge or puff while you are on with it and you’re done!

A dash of lip balm instead of gloss

12 Pre-Sex rituals you should follow!

Most guys hate those shiny, reflective lip glosses that girls swipe on their lips. But they do like soft supple lips that are absolutely kissable. So if you want to indulge in hard lip-lock then lip balm is what you need. Ditch those shiny glosses and opt for light lip balms that don’t leave a residue.


Take off your jewelry

The long beautiful earrings that go so well with your dress are your go-to option when you are on a date, sure adorn them. But what happens when you move into the bedroom with him? Uh huh! Not a good scene, isn’t it? Remember to take off all the jewelry you wore as a pre-sex ritual before hitting the bed with him because genuinely we don’t want to chip his body parts or yours in that case!


Bring a hair tie

As lovely as your hair looks spread over the pillow or cascading down on your naked back it is not at all sexy when they go into your mouth or his. Keep a hair tie handy so that you can tie your strands when they get in the way. Guys love it when your hair skims your neck and back so keep them down when you are on top.


Buy a pair of sexy lingerie

12 Pre-Sex rituals you should follow!

Lacy lingerie is something no one can resist and that includes girls as well. Lingerie gives you that sexy confident feeling that you wouldn’t mind giving him a lap dance. But many of us do not feel comfortable to wear skimpy underwear all day long so what to do? Just stash away a pair in your handbag and change it when you excuse yourself to the bathroom.


BYOC (Bring your own condom)

Don’t depend on the guy to carry protection. This should go without saying. You get into business only to find out that you don’t have protection with you. Besides, you can as well choose the ones you like the best.


Spritz on alluring cologne or perfume

Put on perfume on your underarms, neck and your wrists so that he can smell you from far itself. It has been proven that a man can’t resist when you smell alluring. But remember not to overdo it.

Whether you have a date night planned or heading for a one night stand these pre-sex rituals will help you leave a lasting impression on the guy.


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