13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

Breaking up is a really hard but it is harder when breakups happen between friends. Yeah, friendship breakups happen. Whether it is because of incompatibility, change of interests or any other reason due to which you both might have grown apart, it doesn’t make the pain any less. At a certain point of time this friend might have helped you through your tough times, pushed you enough to do something you were scared to do, lent you a shoulder to cry on and many more things but sometimes, even good things end. You can’t help it or save it no matter how much you try.

13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

All the friends forever thoughts are going to resurface your mind and are going to question your friendship. But remember whatever it was, it was true. It is just that you have to realize that things like this are going to happen. Am not saying that all friendships end but some do. And when they do they also teach you certain things. When you no longer have your BFF to share your best moments with or your life in general, you come to terms with many things.

Here are some valuable lessons a friendship break up teaches you

Things Don’t Always Work Out The Way You Want Them To

Remember the times you and your BFF/ Friend thought you would be in each other’s life until you grow old and senile? Did it actually happen the way you thought then? Not exactly, right? This is big life lesson right here for you. Life never works the way you want it to; it never has and never will. Regardless of how perfect your future plans are, the uncertainty will always be there. The early you accept it, the better your life will be.

Being Alone Is Actually Not That Scary

Sometimes even though you have grown apart you stick to some people. It might be due to fact that you are really attached to them or maybe you fear to be alone. You have been with this friend for so long that this break up actually caused a fear in you. But now that you have broken up you realize that being alone is not actually scary. It is refreshing. You do not need affirmation from anyone for being you. You realize that you actually like your own company.


To Prioritize Yourself

When you are friends with someone, you consider their opinion as well. You give them priority in your life. You often forget yourself when you prioritize others. But at one point in life, you realized that it is no longer the same for you both and you broke your friendship. Here you understood that this friendship is doing you no good and it is better to end it so you ended it. Understand what is best for you and only you first and then consider others. Let people call you selfish but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone is selfish at some point.

People Change

13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

Regardless of what everyone says, ‘change is the law of life’. People change too. Even if they look the same as before internally they change a lot. Personalities keep on changing as and how people experience the life. They change their interests, hobbies, style etc may be intentionally, maybe not. The same way your friend might not be the same anymore or who knows you might not be the same anymore. This way someday you come to the realization that people change and it is perfectly fine, nothing to be angry or upset about.

When To Walk Away

Broken friendships definitely teach us to when to walk away from something. After this breakup, you might have understood when it is time to walk away from something. If it doesn’t play any role in your life, end it. No doubt we have been thought right from the start to see things through the end but it doesn’t always happen.

Rejection Is A Part Of Life

13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

Rejection is a thing that no one wants to face in life. In fact, everyone runs away from it. People work hard in life to avoid rejection. It is really upsetting when you have to come face to face with rejection. It happens with everyone. Same might have happened with you and your friends as well. Maybe you never ever thought that your friend will put you through something like this but it happened. Now that you have already dealt with it, learn a lesson that rejections happen.

What Kind Of Friends You Actually Want In Future

13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

Sometimes the crappy relationship and friends teach you lessons that are to be treasured lifelong. The Same way a broken friendship actually teaches you what kind of people you want in life and what kind of people you should totally avoid. From your broken friendship, you might have realized what your ex-BFF lacked, it may be anything like he/she always cared for himself/ herself or he/she was too clingy or anything which annoyed you.

Self-Reflection On Your Weakness

If you are an open-minded person then you’ll definitely ponder on your own faults that caused this break up between you and your BFF. No one is actually perfect and there might have been things you might have done that you are not so fond of. You may or may not want to admit it to yourself but somewhere inside you may have realized there are some weakness and faults of your own. You just need to focus on improving yourself.

Know What Your Deal Breakers Are

Each one of us has certain limits when it comes to any kind of relationship. You might have experienced them in your past relationships. You might now already know what deal breakers are for you, what is an absolute no for you and what is okay to you. Next time you enter a relationship or friendship make sure you make it a point to let others know these deal breakers.

Not Everyone Is Worth Your Time

13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

Time is precious for everyone and you should not waste it on anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Give it to someone who actually appreciates it and acknowledges it. Whenever you feel like you are not being appreciated in anyone’s life, just leave. Don’t wait for them to use you and then make you feel like you are not worth their time. It doesn’t matter who they are if they don’t appreciate you then don’t stay.

Honesty Is Important In Every Relationship

In this friendship, you might have realized that somewhere along the line you and your friend stopped seeing eye to eye. Your friend might have sometime been dishonest with you and you still pretended like everything was okay. But now it is what made things worse and you broke the friendship. Honesty is really important for every relationship, be it any kind.

You Are Your Own Best Friend

13 Important Life Lessons Broken Friendships teach you!

People might come and go from your life but if there is anyone who stays, it is only you yourself. Friendships are blessings, true, but not all of them last longer. And when they end they hurt you so much and it is only you who have to take care of yourself. That’s why you are your only best friend.

You Are Not Who You Were Once

You may feel like your friends have changed and that’s why things are not same anymore. But have you ever thought it this way that maybe you are also not who you were once? Have you noticed changes in yourself? Haven’t you handled things in a much better way now than before? That is because you have grown up and now you are more mature.

People grow apart eventually, even if they don’t there will be some or the other reason due to which people do not mean the same in life. You don’t really need friends to be happy. Your happiness is important and believe it or not, it depends on you and not others.