13 Sexual Practices From Around The World that you did not know!


Every culture has its own set of rituals and practices when it comes to attainment of adulthood and performing sex. Here are a list of the same that will amaze you:

    1. Indonesians celebrate a ritual called Pon seven times a year in which they travel to the holy mountain of Java. In order to gain a good fortune they have intercourse with someone other than their spouse. However, it is required that they have sex with the same person those seven times in order to reap the maximum benefits.
    2. In West Africa, the men of the Woodabe tribe during the Gerewol festival try and steal someone else’s wife. Traditionally they are married off during infancy but if the men manage to woo and steal a new wife without being caught, their marriage acquires a social sanction.

  1. The Ancient Egyptians believed that Atum created the universe through his ejaculation. The River Nile was thought to contain Atum’s ejaculation. Following this, the pharaohs ritually masturbated in the river in order to ensure a constant flow of water.
  2. Among the tribes of Peruvian Indians and East Africans, the labia majora of women is sewn together with only a small opening for urinating, in order to prevent women from having pre- marital sex.
  3. Certain cannibalistic tribes in New Guinea consider sexual activities as a sin. Most women consider intercourse as painful and avoid it at all costs. They do not know the art of making love.
  4. A tribe in Ghana requires that a widow spend a night with a different male in order to cleanse her body from the possession of her dead husband.
  5. A tribe in South Africa abstains from having sex during the daytime since it is believed to make men behave like dogs. They avoid any kind of sexual activity after a bad dream, during storms and even after the husband has hunt down a python, hyena or a crocodile.
  6. Among certain tribes of Congo and Sudan, sexual relations between a man and a boy is accepted. Also, the tribesmen punish a cheating wife by killing both the woman and her partner or mutilating the partner’s genitals.
  7. Certain Tantric societies believe in the healing properties of sex. They prescribe certain positions and rhythms in order to balance the spirit and the body. They believe that sex can trigger bone marrow production and strengthen bones.
  8. A strange practice could be traced in the traditions of Greeks, Indians and Babylonians where women surrendered themselves to fertility gods. They were even made to have intercourse with priests, sages and even worshippers in the temple. Many believe that this might be how prostitution associated with religion started.
  9. A Colombian tribe practices a ritual in which a woman who trips a man while performing a dance must engage in sex with him.
  10. A Siberian tribe considers intercourse with a menstruating woman to bring bad luck to a man, so much so that he may drown at the sea.
  11. An Iranian tribe engages in a temporary wedding for a specific period of time by signing a contract in which they can test their sexual compatibility without violating Islamic law.

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