14 Best Resources that Can Help Indian College Students!

Description: Check out the top sites that will help you in your academic career. How to study better and in less time, organize your college life and reach success.

In this article, you’ll know how to make your student life easier with online resources that are popular among college students. Check them out and feel free to implement.

14 Best Resources that Can Help Indian College Students!

Admission News.

This site helps you to be up to date on things like admission notices, scholarships, entrance exams, application dates and other academic news.

They also provide useful information on educational software and career choices, providing also a career counselor service.


India Education.

This is another great Indian portal with academic related news and articles. Here you’ll find lots of in-depth information on distance education, online education, entrance tests, courses, colleges, and careers.
You definitely have to check it out if you are an Indian college student.



That’s another website full of useful information. Here you can check the college rankings and check out what are the best, find them by location, read detailed reviews and compare them. You can find also detailed information on studying abroad and even astrological insights.


That’s an amazing and totally confidential academic writing service, with professional writers.
If you don’t feel that confident about your essay, research paper, coursework, term paper or any other kind of paper, you can order a 100% unique essay here.
They will boost your grades and save you lots of time.

 14 Best Resources that Can Help Indian College Students!

Ice Cream Apps.

Your academic career will require lots of web research and work with any kind of media and file format. If you need to capture screenshots, record a video of your screen, make some slideshows, convert videos, or manage the passwords of your different accounts, the Ice Cream Apps are a really great solution for you.



This awesome project and task management tool will help you to work on your academic project along with other students. After you create your project you can add as many team members as you want, assign them a task and follow each other’s progress.
It has also an intuitive dashboard that helps you to manage your daily tasks and have a productive way.



After graduation, you could gain an internship or a permanent job in a company. But what if it’s like working in hell and your boss doesn’t respect his employees?
On this site, actual employees leave reviews about the companies they worked in, so you can figure out if the job fits you well or not.



College students have to be careful with the money they spend. It’s so easy to waste your money on things that you don’t really need!
This free resource will help you to organize your budget and categorize your expenses, so you have a clear picture of your finances.



This is a huge study library where you can find over 400 million notes, flashcards, custom quizzes and study guides created by other college students. You can share your own materials or search for others’ works.
Astronomy, Psychology, Nursery, Physical therapy, Political Science, any kind of subject is covered here. You can also track your progress and set reminders.



When you have to deal with really long papers it’s common to copy and paste some parts, but you must rewrite it properly and be very careful with that.
These days every professor checks the academic works of his students to find out any plagiarism, most of the time using this site. So use this tool to be sure that your paper passes the originality test. With your premium account, you pay about 5 cents per search.


The College Investor.

14 Best Resources that Can Help Indian College Students!

Do you have a college loan debt? Is your overall financial situation quite problematic? This site will help you to deal with it successfully, start building your future and create real wealth.


Speak With a Geek.

Are you studying to work in the IT industry? Check out the testing section of this site to see if your knowledge is sufficient to gain a job in a good company.
They help top companies find good developers and, on the other side, IT experts to find jobs and projects relative to their specific interests.



Do you need some furniture or tools in your dorm room? What if you could create it by yourself?
On Instructables, you’ll find Do-It-Yourself guides on how to make simple yet good-looking bedside tables, bookshelves and tons of other cool stuff.


Tomato Timer.

Do you struggle with really long study sessions? Well, what college student doesn’t?
Use this site to boost your productivity. The idea behind it is that your brain works better if you give him a 5-minute rest every 25 minutes.



All these sites can really help students on their academic path. So, please share this information with your friends, they will definitely thank you for that.
And finally, good luck for your career and your future!


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