14 Best tricks to get the perfect eyebrow!

14 Best tricks to get the perfect eyebrow!

Eyebrows are significant part of facial sharpness therefore their makeover is important for a complete makeover of your face. A pair of well-shaped eyebrow defines the face and rightly balances your profile; surprisingly, right adjustment of eyebrow can be challenging at times.

Actually the real fix lies in understanding the eyebrow shaping. The dilemma is what suits for one girl, may not suit another. Eyebrows should be shaped depending on facial shape. Although eyebrow shaping is an expert beautician’s job, learn these 14 tricks so that you can decide also how you need to shape your eyebrow for better and smart look.


Stick to the original shape:

The secret of eye candy makeover is “Don’t go against you real persona”, and that is why it is always wise to try to stick to the natural shape of your eyebrow as much as you can. Just apply contouring touch so that the natural look is retained and your facial profile looks sharper.


Refrain from hair plucking

14 Best tricks to get the perfect eyebrow!

Random plucking can disrupt your eyebrow’s hair growth. Therefore it is safe to go slow and get the contouring gently by an expert beautician.


Never ever wax: always try trimming

This is an open secret for bushy eyebrows. You may be insisted that waxing can help in shaping your brows better, or at least it will reduce the hair growth in brow area. But this is a strictly no-no. It is always good to use trimming and threading method to shape eyebrow — according to Celebrity make over artist Fiona Stiles.


Do not aim for symmetry

Actually none of us have symmetrical eye brows and it is not possible to trim both of them similar. It is always wise to trim them individually and then adjust their shape according to face to get a total look. One of the biggest mistakes in eyebrow shaping is to make both the eye brows similar. So don’t insist your beautician, rather check for the total look after threading. If necessary, adjust!


Add fuller look

Want to add a unique fuller look in your eyebrow? Nudge both your brows with a comb upward and you are done! It will take hardly 2 minutes time to induce a fuller look.


The tips to fill your eyebrows

You may not have naturally dense eyebrows but you can create it with a simple trick. Use an eyebrow pencil, and fill in the brows with a lighter shade as if you are creating a shadow under the hair. Now brush the brow to blend the shade and comb the hair in its natural direction. You can turn your eyebrows as deep as your glance. Try it!


Use Eyebrow Sealer:

Once you’ve minutely filled in your brows and have created the flawless shape, it’s vital to seal them into their place — especially if you have oily skin or will be under direct sunlight at outdoor. Use an eyebrow sealer; its tricky use will set your eyebrow makeup for longer!


Make your eyebrows smudge proof:

Application of primer will make your eyebrow tidy looking. This is important for ladies with oily skin; so if you have oily skin do not side step from using primer. This simple tip will help your eyebrows to stick on your facial make up. It’s worth trying!

Shape eyebrows according to face shape:

14 Best tricks to get the perfect eyebrow!

Eyebrows should be trimmed and threaded according to face shape: Here goes the experts’ suggestion to adjust eyebrows according to facial shape.


Eyebrow suggestion for square shaped faces:

Square faces look beautiful if the square effect can be a bit reduced. This is best done with a softly round brow. Angular brows and strong rounds are strictly no for square shape faces.


Eyebrow suggestion for round shaped faces:

If you have a round shaped face, your make over goal is to outline the cheek bone structure: this is best done by setting a pair of angular brow with a higher arch shape.


Eyebrow suggestion for long face shape:

14 Best tricks to get the perfect eyebrow!

If you have long shaped face, try to shape your brows in a way that extends till the corner of your eyes.


Eyebrow suggestion for heart shaped face:

The toughest challenge for a heart shaped face is to set a balance between smaller chin and adjacent jawline: it is best done withwell-groomedmanicured brows. To groom brows, draw an outline of your favorite brow shape with a liner pencil; then minutely pluck the hairs that stay outside the drawn line. You are ready now!!


Eyebrow suggestion for oval shaped face:

Do you have an oval face?Try to shape your brow in a marginally arched shape. This will add a balanced look and you will enjoy a classically beautiful look of your eyebrows.


Have you ever had any eyebrow tragedy? What tricks you applied to make over your brow catastrophe?Share with us here.



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