14 Things You Should Know About Love And Sex Before You Turn 30!

If you are in the mid-20’s then by now you might already have started to figure things about life, love and sex. Most twenty-something women are full of excitement, hope about the life they are going to experience because it is the age where you actually experience womanhood. You’ll also encounter many experiences relating to love and sex that might stick to you till the end of your life.

14 Things You Should Know About Love And Sex Before You Turn 30!

Having said that there are still a few countries (including India) where sex education and the word ‘sex’ still remains to be a taboo and seems like it’s going to stay the same for few years. So learning about it through sex-ed classes is out of the question for us. So whatever we get to know it is through our own personal experience and a little bit of advice from people here and there. You go on identifying your likes and dislikes as and how you reach near to the 30’s. And moreover 20’s is the age where you actually learn new things about yourself about people, you learn when to pull your guard up and where to express your emotions. So it suffices to say that the journey from 20’s to 30’ is the most pleasurable experience in life.

Here are a few things you should know before you reach your thirties:


Stop Criticizing Your Body And Accept It

Women are too conscious of the body. We feel insecure about it. But what we fail to realize is that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Stop criticizing your body. Learn to accept it the way it is. I know it is very easy to say but take a look around you and see the people just the way you see yourself, you’ll find out that no one is perfect. Be comfortable in your own skin and don’t be ashamed of what you are.

Perfect Couple Doesn’t Exist

Yes, your whole teenage has been a lie. The cheesy romantic happy endings that the chick flick movies show are all lies. Because a perfect relationship is a myth. As we already agreed that no one is perfect the same way there can never be a perfect relationship. No couple is going to have a happy ending. You’ll have to go through some bumps and humps here and there and still hold onto each other only then you can be with each other. You’ve to learn to let go some of your expectations, learn to be okay with someone even after being hurt. So the idea of the perfect couple is not at all real in practical life.

Drunk Sex Is A Total No

14 Things You Should Know About Love And Sex Before You Turn 30!

It’s not an unknown fact that alcohol deranges your mind and it makes men more aggressive and domineering. So just imagine what sex would be like when you are drunk. Men tend to be more domineering even in sex as well. Drunken sex is clumsy and too hard to focus. Although people agree that they are hornier when they are drunk, the thing is it takes way longer to reach orgasms.

There’s Nothing Wrong In Saying ‘No’

‘No’ is a word that is little hard to voice out. If there is something you don’t want to do even if it is sex say ‘no’. No one can force you to do something that you don’t want to do. If someone asks you out on a date and you don’t want to go just say no and save yourself of that awkwardness. Life would be so simpler if you just learn it.

Your Partner Will Treat You The Same He Treats His Mother Or His Sister

No one can ever change the behavior of people. The patterns of behavior are inbuilt and they can’t be broken or changed. Sometimes your partner might listen to you and change his behavior towards you but that will only be for few days. It is just an amount of time after which he’ll be back to his original behavior. So you know how he’ll treat you by looking at the way he treats others in his family.

Contraception Is A Must

Pulling out at the brink of orgasm might not work all the time because you still might get pregnant. And if you think – ‘It doesn’t hurt to do it once’ then you’re mistaken. Because you are risking STD’s as well. Things are meant to go out of control when you let loose. Well, we know how it is hard to control once when you’re on roll.

Say ‘Yes’ For Trying Out New Things

14 Things You Should Know About Love And Sex Before You Turn 30!

Gal, you ain’t getting younger! Before you start getting those ankle sprains and back aches for trying new things out you better explore new things now. Start doing things for your own pleasure once. Stop thinking too much about rules and start living your life.

The Way They Kiss Says It All!

Might seem silly to few but if you want an insight as to how he is in bed then try kissing him. They say that a kiss says it all. There are many kissing styles you can choose whichever works for you. Passionate, naughty, intense, biting or no biting all of them can give you a hint of how he might be in bed.

Know That Foreplay Is A Must

Building up for an intercourse can lead to longer sex and better orgasms. Not only that they also say that it builds a connection outside the bed as well. If he reaches for your pants while he’s still kissing you then yes you have a problem here. Tell and teach your partner to take it slowly and to build the mood up.

The Fact Is Your Heart Will Be Broken

Your first love is not going to be your last. No matter how much you still have feelings for your first love there’s a chance that he might not be yours forever. Your heart will be broken not only once but many times until you find ‘the one’. You can’t guard your heart all the time. So give a chance to dating, get into relationships, don’t fear from getting your heart broken because all this is the process of knowing who you are and what you actually want in your partner.

Demand Orgasms Equally

Have you always had men finish themselves off before you and not give you enough pleasure that you deserved? Then learn to say it, in fact, demand orgasms because you deserve it. You might find it hard to say it out loud but you need to. Climaxing is necessary for both the partners in a relationship and sex education also affirms to this.

Speak Freely And Openly

14 Things You Should Know About Love And Sex Before You Turn 30!

If he is really the right guy for you then he’ll never judge you for anything you want or say in bed or outside bed. He must respect you for what you are. You should always support free communication and openness. Don’t hold back in expressing what you want.

If They Truly Love You, They’ll Never Lose Interest In You

Always trust your intuition. If you really feel that he’s not that much into you then it’s a sign that things are coming to an end. It is important for any relationship to show love. It’s not always about saying ‘I love you’ but about all the small gesture that show they care. If your presence is not at all appreciated then you better call quits.


Never Stay In A Relationship That Doesn’t Make You Happy

We stick to relationships even when we are unhappy just with the hope that things will get better. But realize that if things haven’t gotten better for a while then they are never going to be. Yes, it’ll hurt a lot to just end a relationship that you’ve invested so much in. But save yourself from losing all of you in that relationship. You should find someone who actually makes you happy.

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