14 Things that will improve your sexual experiences!

 There’s no end to our longings and desires. The more we crave from our partner, the greater the possibilities of finding imperfection. Nobody is flawless in bed and that’s the not so smooth factual truth. We will consistently desire for something deeper and something excelling. So, although you are happy with your sex life there’s no harm in adding up some spiced up mixture in an altogether different way if you certainly wish to have a better sexual experience.




There’s no denying the fact that arguments are a part of relationships. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel that you are building up issues every now and then with your partner (not necessarily it should be related to sex) then make sure you make all things clear between yourselves for a better sexual life. Sex and the building crux of a relationship are related to one another, because if you have tension between yourselves for various reasons, it will in return affect your sex life as well, even without your realization. Sex is all about deriving pleasure. However, if anger, resentment slowly envelops between you both, you wont be in that relaxed state to enjoy the sexual urge. Therefore, before landing up into sex, make sure you address your problems with your partner. enable him/her to listen to your queries which are bothering you, and then calmly settle down the matter within yourselves for a post sex life.




It’s not always possible to read your partner’s mind. You know what he/ she likes and dislikes, and in return you leave no stone unturned to make your partner happy. However, there are times when certain things are left unspoken. Never ever be scared to damage your partner’s sensitivity. This is a factual truth!  He yearns to satisfy you just as much as you want to be quenched with primrose path, but the effort will be less appealing until and unless he doesn’t exactly know what do you wish for. Remember, if you are scared to express with words about your fantasia, try to manifest him by means of gestures.



14 Things you need to differently for a better sexual experience!

While engaging into a sexual performance, if you have tension in your body, it’s going to prevent you from being pleased the way you desire from your partner. Sexual activities can reduce stress for sure. However, if you intend to use sex as a relaxation tool, mind you it’s not going to be the best sex ever. So, in order to avoid this situation why don’t you opt for a back rub, or read a book or rather do whatever that makes you feel relaxed and easy before bumping into your partner in the bedchamber?




It’s always appreciable to follow everything in terms of time allotment and a set routine. However, let me tell you that in order to have a better sex life unexpected sex is indeed awesome. It’s so because the passion, the attachment, the close communion between you both will be unfolded in a newer enticing way. When you are engaged in an unintentional and spontaneous sex, its quiet easy to get rid off all the not so happening events prevailing outside and just concentrate on the cozy breathing moment between you both. Moreover, it also increases the thrill and wildness which doesn’t take place when intend to have sex on a prepared basis.




Today’s world is a busy world and so is one’s life. But at least do not bring in competition when it comes to your sex life! We always have the tendency of completing our tasks within a stipulated time hour. Many a times when it comes to sexual experiences, this involvement of rush from your partner’s side often leaves you unsatisfied and complaining. Hence, the best remedy is to take your sex life in a slow mode, so as to enjoy the step to step moments of passion and pleasure exclusion of time. More the time, greater the scope of getting intimate.



 14 Things you need to differently for a better sexual experience!

Anticipation can be your matchless companion when we speak of none other than but an incredible sex. For this you just need to deliver a flirtatious text, or a naughty picture of yours to your partner in the pristine morning tide, and keep on restoring and revising the sensual messages and snaps, through the whole of cocktail hour and that evening. This will not only arouse his interest of what extra surprise you have in store for him, but at the same time have a restless desire of meeting you as soon as possible and make the nighttime an endless affair of overpowering intoxication.




The only mantra for a successful relationship is spicing up your sex life in the best way possible. Deriving pleasure from your partner by following the same sex position not only brings in a kind of boredom but at the same time hindrances the flow for a better sex. Hence, it is advisable that you try out some new positions every time you have sex. Whether its missionary, doggy, woman on top, oral, sitting and kneeling sex positions make the best by trying something refreshing. This will make the sex life stronger.




Apart from your wild fantasies, there are presumable outlook on your part to think about certain things like ironing, washing or household chores while having sex. If any how your partner out of the blue asks you regarding your running thoughts and you reply stating about the typical household nuisances, your sex probably wouldn’t be strong and titanic. Always remember that in all this situation when your mind gets swayed towards other stuffs make an attempt to concentrate and fixate your wildness back on your spouse. At this point you will be left amazed to wonder how this get up and go policy from your side, can change your sex life for the better.



 14 Things you need to differently for a better sexual experience!

Well, this is one of the difficult sides when it comes to acquiring sex, but it also has a tendency to procure the biggest aftereffect in the stretched out period. When you grow a feeling of insecurity about your body particularly when it comes to women, it’s indeed tough to imagine about pleasure coupled with sex. This is so because at this point instead of focusing on the erotic moves, you are brooding over what your partner must be thinking about you, with a nervousness instilled within. In a way you are completing sidelining all the things that your partner fervors round your body. This has a bad influence on your sex life because of your mentality. Thus, the best remedy to uplift your sex life is to simply ignore about all the insecurities, by learning to get rid off all stupid thoughts and lookout the sex grasping better and better.



 We all have this habit of relying on our partner a bit too much. There’s nothing bad in it as such, but when it comes to sex I believe the reciprocal should be mutual. In order to avoid fuss like satisfaction and complain, both of you must help each other and at the same time to your individual stance as well. This sprinkles signs of maturity on both your parts with the end consequence of having a better sex life since its all about a joint effort rather than a mere sidelined phenomenon. This lessens the burden on your respective partner, thereby enabling him/ her to see through your eyes what exactly conceives you to have a heartthrob when you come closer.



Sex is all about getting intimate for it is solely private. Just like a third person might well interrupt the smooth flow before you both hit into the bed, in the similar manner electronic devices too acts as a hindrance in the cozy ambience between you both. Make sure that its just you and your partner and no one else. Let there be no other person, nor any electronic devices which distracts the mood. Switch off your cell phones, gadgets for all these things have a tendency to distract you from sex.  Hence, get rid off all the disturbances for creating a bosom space between you both.




When you love your partner deeply, the connection turns out to be strong in its own way. Even a slight touch of his, or a kiss on your forehead makes you feel as if you have reached a utopian zone. Hence, for a better sex life begin the relationship with trust, and it will slowly unfold into a better and deep connection between you both. Since the love and care is mutual both you and your partner will try to please each other. So, if you ever feel that somehow a distance is being created for a reason unknown allow yourself to fully connect with your significant other, and find a way to fix it so that you can have better sex.




As human beings we always have the tendency to make others happy. The same principle is applicable when it comes to having a better sex life as well. Couples who grade their sex viability as elevated, furthermore rank their potential to satisfy their significant other higher at the same time. When you are involved in a sex with your partner, make sure you have this notion of pleasing your partner at the back of your mind. This is so because when you will think in this way, you will actually feel more pleasurable yourself too. So the best way is to catch sight of what your partner admires and yield.



The more you keep your body fit and fine, greater the chances of boosting up your sex life. Sex is all about energy and vigor in order to keep the excitement at a pace. Therefore, try to keep fit yourself by undergoing exertion and exercise. Not only does this work effort, intensifies your sexual appetite, but it has also been a knowledge based truth to enable you to have better sex. Therefore, work on your physical activity first and then bang on the bedclothes.


A life worth living for a better sex is just between you and your partner. So, try them out and see the change!