14 Uncomfortable Feelings That Are Actually Signs That You Are On A Right Path!

Have you heard this thought: When you are comfortable you cease to grow as an individual. This line pretty much sums up everything that I m trying to say here. Well, sometimes uncomfortable feelings are a sign that your life is taking a good turn. But these feelings make you feel lost, they make you feel tired. Tired of all of it.


Have you ever felt as if you no longer have free time? Like you just do not have a breathing space like you used to? Like, sometimes you just don’t know where life’s leading you to? And whatever-this-is is making you feel uncomfortable because you do not have a control on it. But why not think of it this way that maybe your life is taking you on a right path. If this wasn’t really the right path and if you were on the way to ruin, why haven’t you given up? Why is your heart stuck on fighting for it?

Here are a few pointers that actually mean you are on a right path even though you feel unlike it.


You Are Tired Of The Modern Life Pace

Even though you belong to this generation you are now wary of this modern life pace. You feel tired of keeping up with the way of life everyone wants you to be instead of your own way and pace. You now realize that running behind the things that do not value you or do not matter is not worth it. On the whole, you are tired of living by the society’s definition of ‘productive’.


You Feel Lost

At one point of time in life, everyone feels lost. But you can see that everyone has gotten over it and is now on right path. Same way feeling lost is sure not the best thing but something good definitely comes out of it. The mere realization that you are lost is enough for you to actually find the right path. So if you feel like you do not know what exactly you want from life don’t worry about it.


Owning Up For Your Present And Past

You no longer feel like a damsel in distress nowadays. In fact, you feel like you own your life. You are the one who makes the decision of your life. It is the hardest bit to come forward and own up to your past. Though you do not want to do it and feel uncomfortable about it you still feel so weighed down by the past you make the decision to own up to it.

Fearing Weighed Down By Responsibility

When you start to learn that you are accountable for your own life you start feeling the panic set in. You not only feel lost momentarily, you also feel the burden on your shoulders. You feel this sense of heaviness because you no longer are a kid whose decision rests upon their parents but it rests on them. You might feel uncomfortable and wary about it but you do not need to because you’ll learn from it soon.

The Fear Of Potential Failure


Once you assume the responsibility, along with the responsibility comes the feeling of possible failure. No doubt you are perfectly capable of managing things in your life, you still feel that nagging feeling in your heart that you might fail. This feeling is most common when there is a change about to happen in life.

You Are Constantly Aware Of How Time Is Whizzing By

You feel like time is flying by. You are trying to make the most of every moment you live. You realize that now is the time you want to do productive things, things which are meant for your own betterment. You want to do the things you want to do rather than the things you have to do. You can see that the weeks, months and years seem to fly by and you still haven’t reached your ideal destination.

You Realize How Small You Are In This Wide Universe

Yes, you start to realize that you are just small and insignificant being in this big grand world. You realize that the world just doesn’t revolve around you and that your achievements are not really that big of a deal in this big world.

Intolerance For Negative Minded People


You finally realize that you do not need those people anymore, those who spew negativity in your life and those who do not value your worth. You no longer feel the need to tolerate them. Because right now you do not need people who put you down. So you try to put on as much distance between you as possible.

Disheartened By The Society’s Direction

This whole impression of the world you had made no longer seems to fit. You feel disgusted with the thought of where the society is heading. All people seem to give more importance to materiality over feelings and let’s not talk about the issues relating to racism, poverty, wealth inequality etc. because these are some serious issues that seem to be so much ignored by everyone in the country.

You Prefer More Alone Time

You suddenly feel enchanted with the thought of spending some me-time with yourself. The thought of being alone no longer brings the feeling of loneliness and depressed thoughts but rather comforts you. You can finally throw away the worries and anxieties of life and enjoy the freedom it provides.

You Grieve For The Friendships That Fade Away

14 Uncomfortable Feelings That Are Actually Signs That You Are On A Right Path!

On our journey from school to professional life, we make a bunch of friends among which few are those with whom we form a connection with and few are those whom you have known for a long time but you couldn’t form that genuine bond. So you let go of those friends and grieve for their loss. Your friends group goes on getting smaller but you definitely don’t regret it.

Shedding Off Your Old Self

You feel like you are not your old self. You feel like you’ve changed and you are still in the process of shedding your old self. You shed off your layers one by one. Healing yourself by letting go of the relationships that are not worth it, setting your priorities right and striving to be the best of yourself.

There Are Many Missing Pieces

You feel like life is a complex puzzle and solving it is becoming a difficult part for you. But don’t worry there are few things that are well hidden and you can already sense it that there is more to come. So hold on tight because you are on the right path.

Feeling Overwhelmed With The Possibilities

Right now you cannot fathom what to choose among the various possibilities that life is offering you. With the choice of one thing, all the other possibilities are swept aside and you start to feel nervous about your choice being the right decision.

Do you too face these confusing feelings? Do not worry because you are not alone. If you have come across such feelings then share with us here.