15 Advantages of having a girl best friend!

Who would mind a girl around who is nothing less than a wonder woman when it comes to friendship? Girl best friends are proof that everybody loves a little bit of magic and power in their lives. There are a lot of advantages of having a girl best friend. They not just are the perfect wing woman for you but also are your complete guide to the female mind. So, how are you at an advantage when you have a female best friend? Well! Here are a list of things that you need to read to know why she is extra special (if you have a Girl BFF) and why you need to make one as soon as possible (if you do not have one).

Benefits of having a best friend:

15 Advantages of having a girl best friend!


Tell her everything without fear of judgments

Having a girl bestie means you can share anything and everything with her. This does not mean you cannot share it with your guy clan but guys do not give you similar warmth while talking ’emotions’ as a girl best friend can. They might not be able to fully understand you also as they are a bit wary about emotional talks. When it comes to girlfriends, you can’t share all your deep secrets with her but with your best friend, you can tell everything.


She’s your relationship guide

Life gets a million times better and simpler when you have a girl best friend when you are dating someone. This is because you have got the knowledge of all the right moves that you need to make. There are handy advice on what to gift her on her birthday, how to plan a date and what exactly to reply to a text. She tells you where exactly are you going wrong and since girls are considered very hard to comprehend, she is your guidebook to all the unpredictable outcomes and ways to deal with them.


She kills your mundane talks

Boys do not have much to discuss other than cricket, cars and other girls and that gets heavily boring after a certain period of time. Having a girl best friend means you can talk about different things, actually pick up any random topic and have hour long conversations and break into another zone.


She is your shopping tutor

15 Advantages of having a girl best friend!

Shopping is like aeronautics for men and no matter how much they hate going shopping, it is obvious that they need to. After all, they need new clothes too. Girl best friends come to the rescue here as shopping is an area of expertise for girls and they have awesome advice on what to buy and what not to.


She will always ensure the hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is generally a painful task for most men as they are reluctant to the idea of shaving on time or trimming their hair. It is only when a lady walks into their lives, they feel like indulging in grooming and taking good care of themselves. Having a girl BFF around means you are most likely to be well groomed and tidy unlike what you would have been when on your own.


They act as your personal fashion police

Which means that your fashion sense is bound to increase double fold. A smart dressing sense is always impressive and no matter how many people deny but that makes a significant difference to your overall personality. Your friend around you is your fashion police and will guide you how to be pro at styling.


You get to tour the female mind.

Not many men have the luxury to do that and most men consider a female mind as the most complex thing in the world. But this is solved with a girl best friend as you get to read what goes on in a woman’s mind and hence, you become smarter while dealing with your mother, sister or your girlfriend.


She transforms you into a gentleman

This starts happening naturally. For some reason, you quit being naive and start growing gentlemanly traits. You learn to talk politely, you unlearn to be aggressive and provocative and develop a much mature and elderly behavior.


She is your cure during a breakup

Breakups are bad and hurtful. And when you have one, there is nothing more comforting than having someone around who can just listen to you and have your back. Your girl BFF is your savior during a breakup as you can have heartfelt conversations with her for hours and she can take all your tantrums and make you feel better.

She’s your best reality check.

If you have had an achievement, she will be the first one to cheer but if the success starts getting onto your head then she knows how to bring you back to the ground. She will never allow you to be boastful and show off your accomplishments and instead replenish you to be more humble and thankful for all your achievements.


She is fun and jolly

15 Advantages of having a girl best friend!

She is just like your male friends with hell lot of bonus qualities like more understanding, more affectionate and more fun. She won’t scrutinize you like a pseudo feminist if you troll her on facebook and will always share a big laugh at all the pranks you throw at her.


You get to meet a lot of girls through her

You get the opportunity or should I say luxury to meet a lot of new girls.  This is nothing less than winning brownie point over your ordinary life.


She builds your confidence

She is with you because she likes you for who you are. She will never waste time if she doesn’t adore you. The reason she spends so much of time with you is sole that she admires you. She will constantly remind you why you are special for her, if not by gestures, then by long texts or vice versa. This helps in confidence building as you will have assurance and will be content with yourself. She will not shy away from admitting your plus points and will regularly give you insightful advice on how to improve yourself.


She will teach you money management

Money management comes naturally to women and your girl best friend will always make sure that you are not indulging in unwanted expenditures. She will teach you how to manage your expenses, how to be good at savings and how to utilize your earning best.


She knows all your motivational triggers

There is no other person you should call when you are low on motivation or when you need a little pumping up. She knows all the areas she needs to trigger to boost you up and when you’re down in the dumps, she will say the correct things that will help you refill your energy and gain belief in yourself again.


These are the advantages of having a girl best friend. She is like your sister but a sister you can go and get a few drinks with. She is your best buddy and knows how to be loyal towards your friend. She would care like a mother, support like a sister and be affectionate like a girlfriend.



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