15 Things every woman must have in her handbag!

“You should never peak into a women’s handbag”. Yeah, that’s true!

15 Things every woman must have in her purse!

These are words heard before. Doesn’t this itself make it so mysterious and obvious enough to have a sneak peek into a women’s purse. Let’s break this controversial secret today and count on only the must-haves from the endless list a woman dreams of.:

Things every woman should have in her purse/handbag:


  1. Cash:


Of course! This is what drives your needs let it be for home or you go out somewhere. No matter what don’t forget or skip to carry the cash along. You don’t want to stand alone in between your friends and wishing I hope I would have carried some money along. You never know what you desire or when you desire. Money is the only solution for all your monetary needs.


  1. Housekeys:

What if there is an emergency and you have a sudden requirement to go back and then you realize you don’t have the house keys. Troubles or emergencies don’t wait for you to get ready, they come anytime without warning. So, grab those extra housekeys along and put it in your bag always wherever you go.


  1. Headphones:

15 Things every woman must have in her purse!

Your only rescue to boredom when you are out and you love it. When we stuck in a metro or a cab or maybe in between a stranger party where you at the peak of your boredom and finding a way out. Help yourself with headphones. Apart from that, it is a big mood elevator when you way back home from a busy schedule and then while listening to some music you get lost in your own imaginary world. Big stress buster and a must keep in the purse.


  1. Power bank/Charger:

Along with phone comes your charger. The power dissipates with time and you don’t want your phone to die. Carry it along girls.


  1. Sunscreen:

No women want to take the risk of stepping out without a sunscreen. The effect of sunscreen goes off after every 3 hours, so better carry it along and keep reapplying. It’s your ultimate solution and your saviour from the sun and the UV rays, so always keep it in your bag.


  1. Lip balm/Lip Tint:

15 Things every woman must have in her purse!

As your skin needs protection so as your lips needs nourishment too. Keep your skin well hydrated with an SPF 30-35 minimum. To those who need more oomph to your lips, go for a lipstick or a lip tint. There you go, you ready enough to go out. So, it is a must keep so that you can keep applying whenever your lips feel dehydrated.


  1. Moisturizer:

For those who believe in a no-makeup look or a natural skin to show up when you step out, then moisturizer is a must carry for them. With the change in heat and the weather as you go out, women having dry to combination skin faces a lot of PH difference issues in the skin and the skin gets flaky. So, for most of the girls with a dry to combination skin, it is a must-have in the purse.


  1. Mascara:

15 Things every woman must have in her purse!

Days when you hit your snooze button again and again and you kept sleeping in the morning. But somehow you manage to get off the bed and decide to start your day on, that’s when you realize your eyes look super tiny and looks like you are ready to go to sleep again. Here, the mascara comes to the rescue ladies. Two strokes of mascara and that’s all you need to pull on that look for your entire day. It makes you look awake and ready for the day.


  1. Hairbrush/ Comb:

If you are a damsel in distress and you always need something to rescue you from your mane issues, then grab that comb and keep it always in your handbag. Let it be any season or irrespective of the weather outside, a comb is a must. You don’t want to be a part of hair disaster, even though you so amazingly dressed up and ready to be that centre of attraction. So, ladies, keep that hairbrush along wherever you go. Trust me your comb is your best friend. Abide by it.


  1. Perfume/Body Mist:

15 Things every woman must have in her purse!

A lot describes of a person’s personality the way they smell. Perfume is an invisible accessory which is a must for a person’s persona. Don’t take it casually ladies, as you step out of the house wearing that perfect fragrance you love and with time it starts fading, then as the day is about to come to an end you almost smell like a fish. On top of that, you have a dinner lined up and no perfume in the bag for your rescue. Perfumes and body mist are not just part of your accessory but it is a sense of memory that you leave throughout a day.


  1. Sanitizer:

This is one thing which is a must for everyone. On a biological level, even though we keep washing our hands but there are a huge number of bacteria prevailing in our hands as we tend to keep touching one stuff or the other in a daily routine. Unlike soap or hand wash, sanitizer has 60-80 per cent of alcohol content which helps in a great extend to kill the maximum number of germs and thus helping in less accumulation of germs back on hand for a longer period of time.


  1. Medicine or Tablet pouch:

15 Things every woman must have in her purse!

It’s a must take not only while you are travelling far or going on a short trip, but also on daily basis. Apart from your daily vitamins which include Vitamin C, B12, E, Cod liver oil, we should also carry our essential medicines for a headache, stomach issues, cold, fever and rest vital medicines. Prevention better than cure, as always said. So let’s take it seriously here.


  1. Face wipes:

You caught me right, isn’t it a refreshing solution to a long tired day. Especially when you are travelling during hot summers and your makeup starts melting out and you sweaty all over, face wipes comes to you at the most rescue. It also gives you an instant mood lift and a refreshing effect all again.


  1. Mouth Refreshers/Chewing Gums:

You might feel that you have brushed your teeth thoroughly, tongue have been cleaned and you have used a mouthwash too before stepping out, but is that enough for a long day. If you think so, it’s wrong. With time and irrespective of whether you eat or not eat out, your breath tends to get bad. Imagine you have a meeting lined up in the evening, trust me that bad breath can be a big mistake and risk for your meeting too. So bad breath, a big no. Mouth freshener is a must.


  1. Notepad and pen:

A mind has the biggest memory power. Still, many things are momentary, maybe you get some random plan and some striking ideas and you want to jot it down. Just take that notepad or to-do lists out and write down your thoughts or things pending or you look forward to. At times, writing down is the best solution to all your wondering ideas and thoughts. It acts as a great catalyst to your daily productivity.

So, ladies, the list is never ending and it will go on and on depending on the size of the bag you carry. But these are the must-have in your purses and a major rescue to all your daily needs and problems. Make your handbags not just the emotional and monetary purchase you make, just make it fashionable yet functional.

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