15 Zodiac combinations that fight the most!

Zodiac does define compatibility, however sometimes compatibility might defy the zodiac. Taking both the possibilities into consideration, here is a listing of a few zodiac combinations (compatible as well as not so compatible) that get into fights more often and vigorously than not!

Read on to know more about the zodiac fights and problematic combinations.

15 Zodiac combinations that fight the most!



Leo and Aquarius both are strong zodiac signs. Hence none are ever willing to budge from their stance. Aquarius being the seeker of independence and Leo being the leader, there is bound to be disagreements and power struggles giving birth to strife.

However if the two signs are willing to acknowledge their differences with mutual respect and reconsider their individual insecurities then they can overcome several insecurities and grow more confident.



Aries and Taurus both are stubborn and determined signs. So in a conflict when both decide to stick to their viewpoint, it can get very difficult for the two to conquer their differences and come out happily of their arguments having solved them.


Virgos are organized and always in control while a Gemini is unpredictable and flighty. Also Gemini tends to be playful and have a tendency to cheat because they are so erratic and this will hurt the insecure Virgo who has trust issues. Gemini thinks Virgo is a control freak and as a consequence will injure the sensitive Virgo.


Scorpio and Aries can initially be drawn towards each other because even though they are water and fire signs respectively, being ruled by the same planet Mars they have a lot of similarity.

However this similarity can work against them in breaking them instead of nourishing their bond. Both are passionate signs that if are not in the same page can get extensively competitive and their short tempered nature will give rise to a massive explosion. Scorpios in a relationship will hold grudges for a long time.


15 Zodiac combinations that fight the most!

Gemini and Capricorn aren’t and easy to get along combo. They both communicate from different spaces. Gemini can talk about anything and everything while Capricorns only share the deeper issues of life only when asked to. Capricorns are not natural communicators which can give rise to misunderstandings and conflict between the two.

Another problematic condition between the two is that Gemini is the child of the zodiac and Capricorn is like the parent, and this might initially be pretty fascinating, this very role playing can breed discontent and contempt in the future.


Taurus and Aquarius are not compatible on any level. They are both so unlike each other that communication between the two is impossible. Taurus will try to stabilise their existence and consider Aquarius as eccentric, having a mind that is wavering.

Taurus will try to push their ideas and point of views too far for the Aquarians curbing their wandering and imaginative minds which will make the Aquarians back off and in turn infuriate the Taureans even further.


Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs in the zodiac so none are going to be willing to compromise. Also both these signs are power hungry super strong personalities. Leo uses emblazon and Scorpio will resort to manipulation in order to get things their way.

Initial attraction between the two is colossal but as a couple these two can be dramatic when it comes to fights and engages in brawls that shall leave wounds for a lifetime.


Sagittarius a fire sign opposed to Virgo an earth sign can go to any heights to get what they want in life. They are unafraid of taking risks at the expense of the adventure and the scope to explore. The Virgo prefers to be in control and strives for stability, avoiding ventures that involve risk.

This forceful approach towards their interest will throw Virgo off guard giving rise to chaos and turmoil.


15 Zodiac combinations that fight the most!

Cancer and Libra are different in a manner where Cancer expects emotional connection and Libra wants a mental connection. Cancer can become too moody for harmony seeking Libra because they are unable to express their unfulfilled emotional needs and this in turn will cause frustration in Libra, leading to disharmony and an unpleasant atmosphere between the two.


Pisces and Leo, again a fire and water combo which is bound to create steam but when things aren’t working they’ll dampen each other and free themselves from one another’s influences.

Pisces is a gentle dreamer who stays lost in their own dream world while Leo is the seeker of the attention of the world and Leo might feel that Pisces doesn’t provide them with enough attention even while Pisces is agreeable of something Leo needs validation for.

It’s just that they express and expect so differently that Leo might get frustrated and accuse Pisces who’ll get intimidated and be forced into getting into an argument to clear themselves and this won’t vouch for a healthy bond.


Aries will often be reactive in the moment and may sometimes be pretty distracted and this will hinder them from being able to meet Cancer’s emotional needs. Both of them are stubborn in the sense that Aries will stick to what it is comfortable with and this will infuriate Cancer who after trying to make things work will react and retreat.


Even though they understand each other on a certain level, they can become pretty distrustful of one another because they are pretty sly and secretive which they will distrust their partners for being.

They will fight because they will mistrust one another and also if they are trying and being genuine to each other and yet being mistrusted so that it’s a blow to their ego.


15 Zodiac combinations that fight the most!

Aquarius is a fixed sign and Cancer being ruled by the moon is ever moving with respect to the emotional ups and downs.

Cancer can’t trust Aquarius with its emotional expressions and needs because Aquarius is usually quite aloof and detached to react to Cancer’s emotional overflows. This will cause Cancer to react and then back off, making it impossible for the two to share a frank relationship.



They don’t communicate well in the sense that both are rational without understanding one another and hence feels that the other is irrational.

Passionate Leo is domineering and will consider Virgo’s organized approach at things as drab and powerless. However Virgo won’t tolerate being bossed by Leo and will carry strong opinions about Leo if they feel picked.

Leo in turn will respond more dominantly to criticism from Virgo.



Libra’s indecisiveness will make it impossible for the fixed Taurus to find stability – something that is inherent in them and what they are always after. They communicate on different levels even though they are similar in a lot of aspects.



These are a few zodiac combinations that are likely to have more fights than other combinations regardless of their compatibility with one another. It is the elements that define them that create the ground for discord. However barring a few of these combinations, most are able to work themselves together, out of a fight as easily as they get into one.