17 Things not to do for your partner this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is here and everyone must be spending it with their boyfriends, girlfriends, wife and husbands!It’s a day where millions of couples waste endless amounts of money on roses and other flowers that would at normal days cost half as much, even the worst hotels and restaurants have ridiculously long lines to get into, and if we’re luckily single, then we happily move around alone & spend time with self before going to bed satisfied with our lives.

17 Things not to do for your partner this Valentine's Day!

But out of all 365 days in a year, Valentine’s Day is the one where you really don’t want to screw up. But there are many who end up doing it may be knowingly or unknowingly! That’s our day sorted, then. The same old things again and again all time. But we have got you some 20 things you probably shouldn’t do on Valentine’s Day repeatedly! For all the couples out there, please read on and don’t spoil your V-day!

1.Get Flowers.

They put the price up you know. What’s more, be careful with your choices – flowers are like watches; wonder how ugly so many of them are. And don’t get roses always. Roses have become boring.

2.Have sex

It’s like a ritual that everyone follows and it’s not at all cool!

3.Buy anything heart-shaped.

There are list of things – soap, chocolates, picture frames, and cakes you name it and you get it! They don’t even resemble hearts but you can have them all.

4.Sending an anonymous Valentine’s card.

What’s the point in it? Won’t get it ever!

5.Being happy from outside but the opposite thing actually.

17 Things not to do for your partner this Valentine's Day!

Well, you should save that for Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays.

6.A marriage proposal.

Start a marriage with fresh cheese; it will end with moldy cheese. Also there’s a danger in doing something just because it’s romantic.

7.A lunch or a dinner maybe.

At first, it’s hard to get a table and then it’s sad to watch 20 other couples doing the same thing as well.

8.Surprising with a hot air balloon ride.

It’s just too symbolic when they extinguish the flame and let the air out. Ha!

9.Watch Fifty Shades of Grey.

Please just don’t do it.

10.Take vows and promises of any kind.

If they’re worth making then its good or else they are just shitty things to do.

11.A puppy surprise.

First of all, they are difficult to wrap and you never know when they run away and your surprise become a shock!

12.Sending Valentine’s cards to your children.

It’s weird because it’s Valentine’s Day not son’s day or daughter’s day guys!

13.An envelope of cash.

17 Things not to do for your partner this Valentine's Day!

Shocked? Well, people actually do this sometime when they anyhow forget to bring on any gift or something. If you’re looking for a definition of “unromantic-ness”, this one surely is hard to beat.

14.Gift them “His”, “Her” pillowcases.

If you’ve already got your side of the bed, then it’s too late for your Valentine’s anyway.

15.Soft toys.

A big no to soft toys please!I mean it actually.

16.Chocolates are always on the list.

It’s the only thing that makes you fat as well as unimaginative and is always there on the V-day gift list.

17.Finally, sending poetry that is written by you.

It will almost definitely be weird, and you’ll your partner will actually have to like it (no matter whether they like it or not).

If you end up by not following these then I just wish you a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day!


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