20 Sex Facts You Must Know!


  • Some people have their brains wired to have more sex. This is not just in men but also women.


  • Women are more likely to cheat during their fertile period, i.e. when they are ovulating. It is generally because of their natural desire to fertilize their eggs.


  • Unlike men, women possess the ability to modulate their voices in order to sound “sexy”.


  • Performing sexual acts can decrease pain experienced during migraines. This is why women suffering from migraines are likelier to desire more sex.


  • Around two thirds of people have fantasized about having sex with people other than their partners. Those are people who they are not quite likely to have sex with in reality.


  • Just like sneezes, orgasms are quite natural psychological responses and cannot be stopped voluntarily.


  • You can cure depression by masturbating since it attempts to balance hormones and put your mind and body at ease.


  • A man possesses enough sperms to impregnate every single fertile woman living on this planet.


  • A man’s level of testosterone can be measured through his fingers! If the ring finger tends to be longer than the index, he is likelier to have a greater level of testosterone.


  • Semen was used during the First World War by the British Secret Intelligence Service as invisible ink. However, they discarded the idea since the semen started smelling as it got older, lacking freshness.


  • A spoonful of semen has around 5 calories, So, you might want to reconsider before chugging in your partner’s semen.


  • Most of our spending on the internet is over porn and sex toys according to a research conducted in 2005.


  • Orgasms release hormones that make it difficult to pee after sex.


  • Sexual arousal will swell up your breasts. Stimulating the breast and the nipples has been known to cause orgasm in around one percent of women.


  • Sperm has anti- ageing properties and can replace creams of your best brands. Ladies, trying cum facial is seriously not a bad idea!


  • People who have sex at least twice a week have a stronger immune system.


  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are likelier to spread if you shave your pubic hair.


  • Nothing tops the list of sexual acts desired by a man like a blowjob.


  • Men have an average of seven sex partners while women have three in their lifetime.


  • You might want to consider being in Australia if you fantasize a threesome, since 28% have admitted to having it at least once.


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