3 simple ways to make your relationship work


Love, jealousy, lust, fights are all a part of healthy relationships. For some, a relationship is like a wretched boat sailing in a whirlpool where you will end up drowning, while for the rest it is like Noah’s arc – a safe haven. Couples belonging to the latter group has mastered the three techniques of surviving a relationship happily albeit to people falling under the former group, who are yet to lay their hands on this mantra. Do not sweat! The three tips mentioned below will make your experience of being in love lovely.


3 simple ways to make your relationship work

If there isn’t any love, your so-called ‘bond’ is a dead bird. Love like Aryabhatta loved maths, like Shakespeare loved writing and like a mother loves a child. Along with love, comes friendship. If you love your partner eternally, fine. Equally, you should be a constant companion with whom your man/girl can share his/secrets with, laugh at unsaid jokes and talk about serious matters. Make your partner feel special by giving her simple pleasures like an embrace, holding hands, taking a walk together, watching the sunset, saying  ‘I love you’ and actually meaning it, stealing kisses,… The list is endless. Tell her why you love her, why she is special for you and how you cannot imagine life without her. Express yourself. If she isn’t ready, do not force. Give her time. Also, take your own.


The first letter of the word ‘Relationship’ emphasises the word RESPECT. Value your partner’s feelings and emotions. Understand what your partner wishes for and, if possible, try fulfilling it. If something’s bothering you, speak up. Piling up doubts in your head will make matters worse. If your partner does not want you to do something or talk to someone, simply don’t. Never ever lie. One way or another, they are going to fish out all your lies and that will be the end of it. Be honest. Be faithful. Be loyal. Indeed, it is necessary to draw a line between the two of you and have privacy but that doesn’t mean you will talk to your partner once in a week. Conversations are necessary to keep the relationship alive. If you love, you respect, if you don’t then walk away.


3 simple ways to make your relationship work

Cheering out aloud when your partner has won something and consoling them during the time of a crisis are two different cases. They may vaguely remember who was with them in a cocktail party in contrast to who was present when they needed you the most. When they are happy, smile with them but when they are sad, give them a shoulder to lean on. Support your partner and let your partner know you need their support. If you disagree with something, let them know in a calm and reassuring tone. Shouts and abuses are the worst acts which will hurt your partner. Encourage them. Be on their side. Avoid misunderstandings. Never judge. Show that you care, don’t merely tell.

Now that you know the three mantras of a healthy relationship, you are ready to experience the ecstasy of love. Booyah! Time to get going!



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