3 Ways to Style a Shift Dress for Work

Focusing on style and comfort, a shift dress represents a woman’s femininity in a subtle form. The brainchild of Coco Chanel, the shift dress continues to be a part of the fashion world and has now evolved into becoming a part of the workwear culture for the modern women. One of the brands responsible for this transformation is Ombré Lane, whose collection of shift dresses provides an opportunity for the Indian women to discover her style.

A dress can be styled in different methods, depending on the requirement of the situation and in the shortest of time. Inspired from the lifestyle of the modern woman, Ombré Lane has created 3 looks, based on their collection, that you can try for a formal, casual and an evening wear look, with a simple off-white lace shift dress:


  1. Boss Lady Look

3 Ways to Style a Shift Dress for Work

Creating this formal look will only take you a matter of minutes, as a shift dress can easily be taken up as a formal one because of its modest nature. Throw on a neutral or dark tone blazer on top, with matching colour kitten heels to keep you comfortable while on your toes. Though this dress would work even without any accessories, if you prefer to add some jewelry, throw on off-white or silver studs, to keep it elusively minimal.


  1. Casual Chic Look

 3 Ways to Style a Shift Dress for Work

To create a casual chic look, all you require is a pair of brown go-to boots that can work on any form of attire. Being a lace dress, it’s humble yet exquisite design would match the texture and the casualness of the boots that you’re pairing them with. You can add silver hoop earrings or a belt to around the waist, if you’d’ like to portray a snug fit. Although, both silver hoops and the belt would overpower the dress, which would defy the whole purpose of the look, so pick one.


  1. Work to Wine Look

 3 Ways to Style a Shift Dress for Work

An off-white shade being in the family of neutrals, can be paired with any colour of your preference or it can be worn without any additions. The quickest way to get ready and out of the door in 5 minutes, is to style it with a pair of strap-on heels and dangling silver or any colour earrings, depending on the look you are aiming for.


Any neutral colour shift dress is appropriate for any type of occasion. The trick lies in pairing it up in the correct manner. You can choose any single colour to add through accessories to this elegant lace dress. This dressed has been designed by Ombré Lane, keeping in mind the body shape and fit as required by the Indian women. It’s time we get to experiment with the trends of the west with the fit of the sub-continent.


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