30 Things you should never apologise for!

Too often we find ourselves apologising for almost everything we do. However, we never reflect upon the idea if we really need to apologize for those things. If reflecting and contemplating upon our mistakes is important, then equally important is to think about all the instances when we tend to apologize unnecessarily. Down below is the list of 30 things for which we should never apologize.

30 Things you should never apologise for!

  1. Showing up early

Never apologise for showing up early as you are not causing inconvenience to anyone by coming up early. It’s rather polite to come early.


  1. Texting or calling people

We need to remind ourselves that reaching out to people is okay. You are not hurting anyone by talking to them. No need to feel sorry for that. [Read: 8 Texting games to play with your boyfriend!]


  1. Being emotional

Emotions are integral to human beings. Having feelings is okay. There isn’t any need to say sorry for that.


  1. Not being emotional

You also shouldn’t have to feel or be apologetic about something which others are emotional about and you are not. [Read: What Is Your Biggest Emotional Trigger? As per Zodiac Sign!]


  1. Speaking your mind

You are not committing any mistake by speaking your mind, putting up your opinion or giving advice. It’s absolutely okay.


  1. Sticking up for what you believe in

Standing up for what you believe in only shows your firmness for what you believe in. If you feel what you believe is right, stick to it.

  1. Being yourself

30 Things you should never apologise for!

We are all unique. We are all different. We ought to be what we are. Never feel sorry for being yourself. [Read: 8 Brand new ways to love yourself this year!]


  1. Things that aren’t your fault

The habit of saying ‘sorry’ sometimes induces us to say it, even when we are at fault. You need to check up to this habit.


  1. Things you can’t control-

If you can’t control something, there is no reason for you to feel sorry about it.


  1. Someone else bumping into you

It’s not your fault when someone else bumps into you. Do not end up taking the blame on yourself. [Read: 5 Ways to stop being the Problem in the relationship


  1. Asking for something to be corrected

You are not responsible for the mistake, you are asking for correction. Don’t apologise for when your food or drink order is wrong, especially when you said it correctly.

  1. Overdressing

Overdressing demands no apology. It’s your choice and preference. Never apologise for that.


  1. Having to go to the bathroom

Having the need to go the bathroom is an absolute normal and natural thing. Taking a few minutes to go the bathroom is better for everyone in the long run.


  1. Asking for help

30 Things you should never apologise for!

Anyone at any point of time in their life may need help. Never never apologise for seeking help. [Read: 12 Habits to help you make self care a priority!]


  1. Saying No to something

It’s okay to say No when you want to say it. You are not obligated to say Yes all the time.


  1. Telling the truth

Never feel sorry for telling someone the truth. Truth might be harsh but it is important as well. So, there is no reason to feel sorry for that.


  1. Doing things you love

We do not owe an explanation or an apology for doing things we love. Go ahead, do what you like. Those you really care will understand why you do what you do.


  1.  Overdoing things or doing things right

Never apologise for going above and beyond expectations, especially when it comes to work or your education. You overdid because your capacity allowed you to.


  1. Having high expectations

Having expectations is natural to human beings. You don’t need to explain yourself, especially when it comes to relationships. [Read: 7 Things that women expect from men but will never say!]


  1. Asking for someone to repeat themselves

It’s okay if you couldn’t hear them. It’s not a deliberate mistake. Don’t apologise.


  1. Not responding right away

30 Things you should never apologise for!

You don’t owe an explanation to someone for not replying immediately until it’s an emergency. If it’s not time sensitive; you shouldn’t apologise.


  1. Needing alone time

Everyone needs alone time. Your inner self needs to rejuvenate itself regularly. You are the most important person.


  1. Not knowing the answer to something

No one in the world can know everything. Don’t feel sorry for impossible stuff.


  1. Love

It’s the first and the last thing which is not in your control. Whether you feel in or out of love, never apologise for your feelings.


  1. Defending Yourself

We all need to stick up for ourselves. There is no need to apologise for looking out for yourself.


  1. Crying

Do NOT apologise for crying. It’s an overflow of your inner emotions.


  1. Not agreeing with someone else

You have own paradigm and perspectives. Disagreeing with someone is once again not a mistake.


  1. Asking questions

It’s good to ask questions. The more we ask the more we know and there is nothing wrong in wanting to know more.


  1. Putting yourself first

Self-love should be your first priority. You are the most important person to yourself. Take care of yourself first.

  1. Not being Okay

Its okay not being okay! We are all struggling to make our life better.  Never apologise for doing that.


There could be hundreds of other things you are apologising for. Pay heed and take care of those.




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