4 Different types of relationships: What’s your type?

4 Different types of relationships: What's your type?


Every couple is different from the other. Find out what kind of couple you are.

This article carefully outlines the different types of relationships that exist. Read on to figure out the nature of your relationship and which category you and your better half fall under!


The Couple At War

4 Different types of relationships: What's your type?

At first, we have the complicated couple or the couple that is always at war with one another.


For them, nothing goes right. They are always fighting, always bickering over trivial things and tearing at each other’s hair as if they were siblings. But mind you, their fights are real, but so is their love. The love and passion that these two share is beyond all imagination. This relationship is magical but at the same time toxic.


You guys need to someday sit down, relax and try to resolve all the unresolved issues and bitter feelings that you have nourished for so long. For the love is so real, it cannot be wasted. One of you has to let your ego aside and make this work. You guys can live a million lifetimes together, why waste that potential?


The Couple That Keeps It Cool

4 Different types of relationships: What's your type?

This is a very cool couple. They love to keep it cool and simple. Their relationship is based on immense trust and faith. Their understanding is worth applauding for. They have a clear line drawn between their personal lives and the outside world. So nothing gets in and nothing goes out.


They are friends and lovers for they understand one another like no other. Attending parties together, being the most gorgeous couple of the night and socialising together while building a wonderful future for themselves. The healthiest kind of relationship to have is this, with insignificant or rare fights and only love.


The Melodramatic Duo

Sometimes you spot a couple and instantly realise they are too damned melodramatic! Their public display of extreme affection and their absolutely unreasonable yet monstrous fights and the way they practically do everything making everyone else in the room feel like the third, fourth, fifth wheel is just extremely annoying to put up with!


They are the annoying, hollow and superficial kind – that probably do everything just for the public to see.


The Uncannily Perfect Couple

4 Different types of relationships: What's your type?

The couple that does everything together. By everything, I meant EVERYTHING!


This couple doesn’t even have fights, making things seem very odd and mechanical. The kind of couple that goes running together, that eats together, that watches movies together, that even probably takes a dump together!


What is really uncanny about this relationship is how methodical and conflict-free it is. Every couple disagrees at some point, right? It’s something to worry about if you are the kind of couple that does not ever disagree or have trivial arguments. Then somewhere, this relationship is about compromise or formality.

One needs to start expressing disapproval when the need is felt.


So which category does your relationship fall under?

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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