4 Misconceptions about love that you need to stop believing in

Love is an all- consuming feeling. That sudden rush of being with someone while you bask in the happiness of having “the one” who you can always fall back upon is an immeasurable feeling. Words fall short in the effort to describe what you feel for the person who becomes the centre of your world. The idea of love is however different for different people. Nonetheless, there are a few misconceptions which you need to bust if you really want to keep a relationship stable without letting your expectations get the best of it. It takes time to build a stable, long lasting relationship. But minutes to break that down into nothing at all if you are guided by a few wrong notions about how love is supposed to be like. Here are a few things that you need to stop believing about love so that you avoid heading into one failed relationship after the other again and again:

4 Misconceptions about love that you need to stop believing in

Misconception1: It is supposed to be hard


Relationships have their own set of challenges each being different than the other even if it is the same person involved. However, don’t let people have you believe that it is always supposed to be difficult. If you are with the person who truly understands you and respects your time and principles, love isn’t supposed to be that hard. You might have a few tiffs down the line but definitely not big enough to tear you apart in case the right choices are made. It will seem seamless. If your love is meant to be, you will naturally find every piece of you fitting with this person. You never have to push and pull to make this works if the alignment is perfect right at the start. Falling in love with the wrong person or being obsessed about someone who doesn’t love you back can cost you a lot of your emotional peace which will reflect physically as well. With the right one, everything just fits perfectly.


Misconception2: Love is enough


Love is enough. Well, yes. But only when everything else is in place. You cannot have love setting things right when you don’t share similar values, ideas, life goals or have no mutual respect and understanding for each other. This is when you push and pull things in the hope that love will set things right for you. people try out everything chasing and forcing things when they don’t work naturally. Even when love is in place but the other variables are not, two people won’t fit together. It is painful to be with somCompatibility with each other is the key and not just love only.


Misconception 3: All loving relationships will last


You may fall in love once or just “n” number of times. What you need to understand is that  some people will be just stops along the way, not the final destination. Your love may have been true, but some things perhaps is destined. Self growth is more important and I truly believe there is a purpose behind people meeting each other. Just because you suffered heartbreaks, it doesn’t mean the person you were with should be demonised. They were only supposed to be lessons or memories so that you become better for the one who you are meant to be with finally. Every relationship doesn’t need to materialise. So, open up the better possibilities of a fulfilling relationship because when you close yourself down, you also block the better ones from coming in.


Misconception 4: True love needs no work

 4 Misconceptions about love that you need to stop believing in

True love is never served to you on a platter. It takes some effort and adjustment before you finally realise who fits your picture well. To say that you will know who the right one is, is to say that you should avoid all responsibility that goes into making the other person feel good when you are with them. Your basic courtesies and groundwork has to be in place if you wish to attract the one who is meant for you. Actually, you need to be very particular about those things that turn you on and those that are an absolute turn off before you finally give someone a special place. However, do realise that just a date or two will never give you a clear picture of what lies ahead. Give it time and your effort. That is the best way to decide and not just depend on a overnight feeling of “this is the one for me!” You will only make your pre conceived notions block your idea of love. People have flaws just like you do. First impression should never be the sole deciding factor unless this person you date is vindictive and casual.