4 moves to get a dancer’s physique

Dancer's physique
Photo credit: Flickr/CC/gabrielsaldana

Want to know the secret to score gorgeously trimmed muscles? Want to sculpt a long and lean yet strong body? Let’s make it simple. You actually need a toned and tight dancer’s physique.

The typical way to mold your body into a dancer’s figure is to DANCE-a complete workout. The continuous and fluid like movements involved in dance training are the best technique to make your dream come true. Gym is another source but it usually costs more money and Indian woman also don’t have enough time to go there daily. Home-performed exercises are better, that way you save time plus money.

  1. Start with Classic Pilates:

Doing Pilates regularly a few times a week will tone up your body without building bulky muscles. Pilates is the best way for developing lean muscles in your arms and legs. The shape, straight and flexibility are the key outcomes of performing Pilates and you’ll also be able to move your body as fluidly as dancers do.

These exercises will not only strengthen up your core but also bring your body to a better balance with taut midsection as well as the toned back. Make the classic Pilates a must part of your routine workout.

  1. Crisscross Jumping Jacks:

This is another easy-to-do at home exercise. This is actually a fun twist that targets inner thigh areas the most.

Stand tall with your feet closed together and arms perfectly straight out ahead of your body. Jump your legs and arms to open up and then back like scissoring. Switch the sides and then repeat. Do it for at least one minute.

You can also do jumps-in windmill instead for even better results but you need to do it on alternate sides and 10 repetitions each.

  1. Traveling Plank with Walkout:

Place the forearms on floor, legs extended behind you, and the elbows falling directly under the shoulder area. Now pull back your hands to come under your shoulders and straighten up your arms to bring them into pushup position.

Bring your hands, without dropping your hips, as far as you can easily and then reverse this movement to return to the start. It’s one rep. and with alternate sides you should do at least 10 reps per day.

  1. Single-Leg and Arm Dumbbell Row:

Time to enter into a bit of a tough zone. Yes I meant dumbbells moves. Need not to be afraid and get the dumbbell you can easily hold. With dumbbell in one hand, bend a little forward but keep your body weight directly under shoulder of the same hand.

Let’s say you start with the right hand. Now raise the right leg behind and bend the right elbow so that you can pull the dumbbell close to your chest. Pause for a few seconds with your back perfectly flat and a tightened core. Switch sides and preferably do the ten reps a day.

For more authentic outcome, I prefer doing dumbbell squat with rotation in addition to this exercise.

If you are not very bulky or out-of-shape then complete the set of these focused moves two or three times a week. It will be enough for you. Do not forget to do your daily workout routine but add these moves to it for impressively improved results. Never forget to warm up your body before starting the workout and always do cardio for few minutes every day.