4 Places where you can make new connections!

4 Places where you can make new connections!

When you think about the word “networking”, things which come to your mind might be –Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Well usually these are the places where people get to connect with other people! When you think in a broader way, networking is really just a conversation—and, that can happen anywhere and not just at these social media websites! So to toss the traditional idea of networking out the window,there are few other places where you could be growing your networks!Don’t know where? Well, let me tell you about these connections that you might not have been using to their full potential yet.



Family Get together

4 Places where you can make new connections!

Family get together can be another great connecting outlet, one you may have previously overlooked. Believe me, I understand it can be frustrating at times but you never know when you can get connected to some of the smartest minds! You might occasionally learn valuable information or make a network that’s worth the best part? You know your family is rooting for you no matter what—which means they’ll often do whatever they can to help to advance your career and create new opportunities for you.



At Work

4 Places where you can make new connections!

Networking at your current work place is definitely helpful if you’re seeking to meet some new people—and not just when you are actively searching for a new job. It becomes easy to get wrapped up in your own little bubble at the office: You have a handful of people you work with on a regular basis, and usually you don’t interact with too many other employees. So now it’s time to come out of your comfort zone and start knowing colleagues in other departments. Apart from making beneficial new connections, you’ll also gain a better understanding of how different areas of your company work. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation.



Social and Traditional Events

4 Places where you can make new connections!

Of course, traditional networking events provide a fitting environment to grow your professional connection. Anywhere where there’s a gathering, it’s an opportunity for you to make a few new networks.From conferences, speaking seminars, and tradeshows to volunteer projects and even weddings ceremonies, there are plenty of places where you can shake some hands and get to know people. A gathering is an opportunity for you to make a few new connections.However, just one simple warning: Be respectful and polite. While there’s nothing wrong with striking up a friendly conversation with a fellow guest at your friend’s wedding, don’t just start distributing your business card everywhere.Yes, you really can network anywhere, as long as you don’t draw all of the focus from the main event and as long as you’re not disgraceful.


Waiting in queue

4 Places where you can make new connections!

Standing in line at the ATM or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s chamber may just be times when you pull out your phone and mindlessly scroll. But, why not use that time to strike up a formal conversation with someone around you instead? No, you most likely won’t have an in-depth discussion or you may not talk about everything going in your life or about career but at least you can start a formal chat. Remember, networking is really just a conversation—and those can happen almost anywhere. So, take a break from the same old outlets and explore new ways to make connections. You might just be surprised!

Have we missed anything? Where else do you strike up conversations to get connected to new people?



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