4 principles for making better fashion choices

Photo credits: Flickr/CC/Philippe Put


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the … way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

You do not need to be a runway model or an actress to be updated on the latest fashion trends. Fashion magazines and fashion channels will surely help you in this regard but at the end of the day there are critical rules you need to apply for making better fashion choices.

One major confusion in this regard is the misconception that you need to possess a fortune in order to make a better fashion choice. Let me break this to you ladies, you certainly do not need to have lots of money for that. I will give you four principles that you can follow:

Do not follow trends blindly:

Just because your favorite star looks adorable in crop tops or retro sunglasses, it does not mean you will be able to pull it off too. You can surely visit a shopping mall and try the same but buy it only if it suits you. So, the first principle is: Do not wear what does not look good on you but looks good on others! We are all well aware of what suits us so, recall the times when you wore a dress that made everyone go awe struck and try to dress up like that.

Dress according to the occasion:

It is okay to stroll in the shopping mall in your pajamas and t-shirt but not okay to wear them when hanging out with friends. Similarly, wearing winged eyeliner and getting your hair curled along with an over dose of makeup will not look cool when you are going to the office. So, learn to differentiate between a wedding look and a formal look and dress according to the occasion. Wearing black jeans to a formal event and colored jeans to a casual hang out is an example of dressing right for the occasion.

Go feminine:

So, time to enhance the hourglass as there is nothing more flattering than that. In order to accentuate your figure, wear formfitting skirts or dresses that are cut diagonally as a preference or on the bias. Make sure they nip in at the waist and then fall loosely over thighs and calves. A-line shapes are best in terms of downplaying your lower half. So, make sure that what you wear on top is slim and is cut close to the body.

Your hair and skin are of equal importance:

Hair can play significant role in accentuating your overall appearance. A stylish haircut is cherry on the top. Furthermore, use haircare products and skin cleansing as well as moisturizing creams to have a clear and glowing skin. When your hair and skin are healthy, you don’t need to invest in makeup and gels for beauty as natural beauty will work at your advantage. So, simply tie your hair in a loose bun and go ahead and rule the world.