4 Reasons why you should never settle for less!

The world is both too big and too small at the same time for us to settle for a place, a person or an object that doesn’t suit us too well. The greatness of a big world leaves us with a better variety to choose from while the littleness of a small world makes it easy for us to discover without tiring ourselves out until we find the perfect fit. What we deserve is what is congruent with our happiness. Don’t we all wish to be happy and even happier than what we were yesterday and what we are today? Why settle for less happiness when there is opportunity to relish some more? Take pleasure in what you do, in what you have, wherever you go and whoever you meet. You were not sent to Earth to live for that guy or girl you ‘love to the moon and back’ but to live for yourself. Hence, live your life to the fullest!

4 Reasons why you should never settle for less!

Learn from the pain; learn to not repeat what brings that pain. No you don’t have to be content with what you have. I am not talking from a materialist’s perspective but from a humanist’s. Ask for more, not from people but from your life.

Why settle for Blue if it isn’t your colour? Why pretend to love a clear Blue sky when you bask in the Orange of the sunset? So what if people call you a masochist for loving the dusk and abhorring the bright morning? All that matters is where your happiness lies.

Nature offers us with so many varieties, because it knows that not everyone is alike, not everyone is fond of the harsh winters, and that some quietly rejoice in the softness of spring. Then why must we compromise? Why must we settle for less than what makes us happy, when it comes to us to choose a lover, a friend or a relationship?



Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t try to modulate yourself to fit in. You were born as ‘you’, unique and matchless. So, rejoice in your uniqueness,

Because nothing and nobody is ever worth having, at the expense of your identity. Be proud of who you are. Allow people to accept and appreciate you for who exactly you are. You don’t have to mould yourself according to somebody else’s fancy.

Shoo the intent of people-pleasing out of your system. Welcome and cherish the intent of pleasing the self. Invite and ask those people to stay, who love you for whoever you are; however skinny, short-tempered, sentimental, romantic or un-romantic you are. You should be exactly who they have been searching for all along, and are more than pleased to have come across.



4 Reasons why you should never settle for less!

Don’t accept hurtful behaviour just because it comes from somebody you care for. Someone who deserves your love must be someone who also knows how to respect it. Unacknowledged love is wastage of your feelings and emotions. You can never be happy, even loving someone to bits, provided your efforts do not get recognized by the person who matters so much.

Rare moments of gratefulness altered with greater instances of blame, accusations, and never ending expectations that by no means seem to be quenched, is something you do not deserve to be met with.

No matter how much value the person may hold for you, know that you deserve and are worth, of treatment way better than that.



Why have you internalized such behaviour? Is it because you’ve seen your parents be comfortable with such behaviour or is it because all your friends who are a couple seem to be pretty used to such behaviour where one loves and the other takes for granted their love, or let’s say when both love but have no respect for one another; it could also be a more apparently acceptable scenario where there is immense love and a moderate level of respect that both share for each other but a complete lack of compatibility.

So that you want to hold tight onto the relationship you have at present which doesn’t give you all the happiness you would like to have but you’re afraid that you might never find anything better. So you adapt yourself to the ways of this relationship, where love resides in ample but lacks in understanding and respect which are more valuable to you and in fact to every human being.

Don’t stick to one relationship, because it never is the end of your world. Explore, learn and discover the world and the people in it so that you are able to decide as to what is more important for your happiness; intelligence over good looks or a kind soul over intelligence. Choose what you may.



4 Reasons why you should never settle for less!

Respect is the most important thing that you must give to yourself. The moment you decide to part with self respect is the moment you make yourself vulnerable to disrespect from others.

You think your partner is superior to you in the way they look or in the huge number of fan following they have, so you think they are doing you a favour because they have decided to be with you?

It’s wrong of you to think so lowly of yourself. Nobody is doing you a favour when they decide to pair with you. They pair with you because they want to, be it for whatever reason it may be that they want you but it is only to meet and fulfil their own desire of having you,

And when someone wants you, know that in their subconscious minds they need you as much as they want you; perhaps to balance themselves out; it could be because their popularity creates a pressure in them to keep up to a level that would appeal to the mass, but what they really desire is to be loved for the ‘nobody’ they are, back at home when they aren’t trying too hard to please.

It doesn’t matter who you’re with, how you are and what you do. Trust me you are way more special than you think you are. Don’t judge your worth through somebody else’s eyes. Love yourself and nurture your qualities to bring out the best in you. You deserve happiness irrespective of anything and everything.

So look for your happiness; in people, in things in places and most importantly within yourself.


You know how to find happiness within yourself and not settle for less?

4 Reasons why you should never settle for less!

  • By giving yourself the respect and value it deserve
  • By understanding that what you want is far more important than what another man or woman wants.

Always remember that you deserve to be happy and everything else that you pet in your life must follow the route that leads to your and only your happiness.

Have you settled for less than what you think you deserve in life? If yes then why have you? How would you like to alter your life? Share with us your story and let us know if this article helps you, in the section below, for comments.