4 reasons why rebound dating is not a good idea:

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A rebound relationship is a fragile attempt to fill the void created by ex, right after your breakup. It helps you stay distracted and you do not feel so empty and lost after it ended with your ex. The reason I do not support the idea of rebound dating is that most of the times it is going to lead to nowhere. Just because you are not able to cope up with your breakup doesn’t mean that you need someone else to play the role of your partner so that you can move on. Here are 4 reasons why rebound dating is not a good idea:

You are only using the other person:

It holds quite true that as soon as your relationship ends, you start planning on how to take revenge. You focus all your energy on making your ex jealous and showing them you are completely over them. What you are not able to realize is that you are using another person who might be into you and that will make them hate you for simply using them to make your ex jealous. If you are still fooling yourself that it is not the case then why are you trying to seek attention from your ex by uploading pictures with the new guy?

It leads to more harm than good:

It is surely going to lead to serious harm as you haven’t planned anything beforehand. Chances are you will not be able to take care of his needs and you will end up getting dumped soon. You are not a super woman who has moved on so soon after the break up and your new partner will get tired of you telling him stories of your ex all the time because no matter how much you try, you will end up talking about them with your new boyfriend again and again.

You cannot go back to your ex:

Chances are that your ex realized his mistake and contacts you for an apology. And after sometime, when you are not feeling so angry, you might want to get back with them. But the new relationship will make it complicated for you. Leaving the poor new partner just because you want to get back with your ex will make them hate you for life. You will surely end up cheating on that new guy with your ex. So, take your time after your break up to completely get over your ex and then get into a new relationship.

Even your ex knows you are in a rebound relationship:

After all, what is the point of going through all this hassle when even your ex can tell that your are just trying to seek their attention in a desperate attempt to make them jealous. This will make your ex happy that you are making so much effort to get back with them and chances are they will take you for granted. So, in the long run, it is goi8ng to be really bad for your heart. Take time because time is the best healer and not your rebound.



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