4 Things you should do for a great sex appeal!


# 1 Smiling more

Published in  Cognition & Emotion, a study focused on the positive impact of facial expressions of those around us. The result ? Not really a surprise, the women looking the most warm and happy are considered as the more attractive. Even if their beauty criteria are considered “less attractive” at first.
Better to be a pretty girl too with a smile rather than a bomb that shoots the face. Good to know !


# 2 Having a dog

Conducted in 2015, the study “The Roles of Pet Dogs and Cats in Human and Courtship Dating” examined the influence of a pet on our sex appeal. Verdict? People with a dog (bad news for cat fans) are seen as reassuring, relaxed, and more able to invest in a long relationship. And just by walking around with a dog on the street at least once in your life will enable you to know it is a very good way to start a conversation with other people ( “and his name that pretty doggie, and how old he is? “) etc, and why not make new friends (and maybe more).
This explains in part the success of Instagram account Dudes With Hot Dogs!

# 3 Avoiding small talk for first date 

According to a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, what Americans call “small talk” (these light conversations in which we begin to interact with someone you hardly know) would not be a good thing for a first romantic date.
To put the odds on your side, it would be wiser to focus on “real issues” such as culture, or politics (although this may go out of your control, it’s a good risk to take according to scientists.) So don’t forget focus on substance to form.


# 4 Staying natural

A study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology and conducted on a panel of students is clear: the makeup does not make us more attractive to human eyes. In reaching this conclusion, the researchers probed each subject to two photos of the same girl, one where it naturally raises the second wearing foundation, blush, and pencil mascara.
A large majority of participants chose the former. To think before adding yet another layer of powder on your little face.


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