4 Things to look for in a dry shampoo!

Sometimes washing your hair every day can actually take away hair’s natural oils, and make a dry scalp even drier. One great way to avoid overwashing is to use Scunci hair accessories or any dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a great way to help keep hair clean after a workout, maintain a salon-styled look for several days, or to freshen hair between regular washings. Beauty blogs like Bustle are big fans of dry shampoo for travel, festivals, and as an everyday beauty essential.

4 Things to look for in a dry shampoo!


Finding a great formula can help ensure your hair’s health, which is why Reviews.com spent six weeks analyzing 54 dry shampoos to find the most important factors.


Here are some important things to look for:


Does the formula leave a residue behind?

4 Things to look for in a dry shampoo!

Dry shampoos that leave a gritty residue behind can make your hair feel even dirtier than before. People with dark hair also may want to look for a product that blends in and doesn’t look white or powdery on their scalp.


Does the dry shampoo leave a good smell behind?

Some formulas can be quite perfumey and may overstimulate sensitive noses. It’s important to choose a product that has a pleasant smell without being overwhelming.


Is it affordable?

4 Things to look for in a dry shampoo!

We hear so many beauty experts raving about dry shampoo, but the formula you choose has to fit your lifestyle and budget. If you plan to use dry shampoo for the foreseeable future, choosing one that functions well while still being affordable is key.


Does it work the way it’s supposed to?

A good dry shampoo should do several jobs: soak up excess oil, leave hair smelling fresh, add volume and bounce, and prolong the life of a blowout or salon styling. If you need to constantly reapply, it may not be right for you!

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